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Want to know why it is so hard to avoid taking in so much sugar? Because it is in everything and it is everywhere. Do you know what the most common addiction in America is? Sugar addiction. Here is a list of 50 other names of sugar for you to look for in the products you have or want to buy.
  1. Barley malt
  2. Beet sugar
  3. Brown sugar
  4. Buttered syrup
  5. Cane juice crystals
  6. Cane sugar
  7. Caramel
  8. Corn syrup
  9. Corn syrup solids
  10. Confectioner’s sugar
  11. Carob syrup
  12. Castor sugar
  13. Date sugar
  14. Demerara sugar
  15. Dextran
  16. Dextrose
  17. Diastatic malt
  18. Diatase
  19. Ethyl maltol
  20. Fructose
  21. Fruit juice
  22. Fruit juice concentrate
  23. Galactose
  24. Glucose
  25. Glucose solids
  26. Golden sugar
  27. Golden syrup
  28. Grape sugar
  29. High-fructose corn syrup
  30. Honey
  31. Icing sugar
  32. Invert sugar
  33. Lactose
  34. Maltodextrin
  35. Maltose
  36. Malt syrup
  37. Maple syrup
  38. Molasses
  39. Muscovado sugar
  40. Panocha
  41. Raw sugar
  42. Refiner’s syrup
  43. Rice syrup
  44. Sorbitol
  45. Sorghum syrup
  46. Sucrose
  47. Sugar
  48. Treacle
  49. Turbinado sugar
  50. Yellow sugar
  All that being said, I would still take these sugars over artificial sweeteners. The more research that comes out, the more it seems like artificial sweeteners are a big problem in this country. The research has shown that it causes multiple problems from overeating to bloating to a possible increased cancer risk.    If you are currently using these products, I would recommend you start weaning yourself off of them today. I really think it is that important.