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I went to grab my mail the other day and just happened to catch a headline on People magazine that said “How Beyonce Got Her Body”. Normally I only read Fisticuffs Illustrated or Totally Manly Weekly, but just this once I made an exception. For you all and for the sake of scientific research, I delved into the article. Once I got to the correct page, totally without reading about what Suri Cruise, vampires, and other hard hitting news stories.  It had the workouts of 6 popular pop stars. It was people like Taylor Swift,Britney Spears, and Beyonce. It had the cutting edge tips that Taylor Swift runs and eats salads! Beyonce does the Stairmaster! I hate to be the one to break it to the readers of People magazine, but they aren’t telling the whole story. Many of you have probably done those exact same things. Did it work for you? What they don’t portray is the hard work and effort they put into their workouts. Next time you are working out and you see someone whose body you admire, watch how they exercise. I will bet you that they work out extremely hard. There are other factors that matter (nutrition, age, genetics), but exercise intensity is a common factor. Look over those 4 factors listed. YOU control half of them. You can’t worry about the things you have no control over, that is a waste of time. When I say exercise intensity, I am not talking about slapping yourself in the face and screaming before you do an exercise. Although I would love to see my mom do that at boot camp. I am talking about increasing intensity by using heavier weights, resting less, running or walking faster, etc… Doing more and going farther than you thought you could each time. Pick up your exercise intensity, eat properly, and your results will sky rocket. This is true, whether you are Beyonce or Jane Doe.