The weekend is almost here, let the unhealthy eating commence! Wait, don't do that. Got a few ways to keep you in shape and healthy over the weekend. 1. Watch your favorite red-headed boot camp instructor on WAAY 31 News at 4pm today. Always a disaster when I'm on live TV. 2. Check out this article from Prograde on 6 foods you should avoid and what to eat instead. I can't get the fancy hyperlink to work so you will have to copy and paste if you want to read this article.  I know exercise, not so much about technology.  Prograde has a sale going on right now as well if you need some nutrition or weight loss products. Use Coupon Code PGK20 to save a few bucks. 3. Come to our free boot camp at Weatherly Elementary at 8:30 AM tomorrow. All you need is an exercise mat, water, towel, and your A game. 4. Then sign up for our Get Great Glutes Boot Camp starting Monday August 15. Going to be focusing on that all important backside. Not only will you look better, but having a stronger and firmer backside will also decrease any back pain you are having. To go along with the camp, there will be a nutrition seminar and assessments starting at 4:30pm in Room 151 at Latham United Methodist Church.