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At Least My Wallet Got Slimmer


Reebok has built a special town where everyone can get their refunds

    Did you all see that Reebok is refunding $25 million to people who bought their toning shoes? The advertising has been branded misleading and untruthful. Wearing fancy shoes won't make me buff?  You mean to tell me, I have to eat right and exercise? Craziness.  If you want to learn the science behind why these shoes are not worth it, you can read a post I did in February called Do Shape Up Shoes Work? When in doubt you can always use my guide How To Tell What Products Are Junk.

3 Fat Burning Workouts That Take 15 minutes or Less

A photo of the Shake Weight product for sale i...

Not part of the plan

Let's face it, some days you just don't have time to workout. I am a pretty busy guy, so I understand. There is the famous, "I am so busy I can barely breathe, but I will spend an hour watching TV" person. Or the "no way do I have time to workout, I have to update my Facebook status every 5 minutes and make sure no one says anything about me on Facebook" person. Those examples are a little extreme, but we all have more time in our day than we think. If you really break your day down it is a little depressing. Where do your hours go? Start tracking them and I guarantee every one of you can carve 15 minutes out of their day to exercise. 15 minutes that is all you will need for the workouts I have for you. These are not easy workouts just because they are short. If you only have a short time period, you have to make it more intense. Workout 1 You will do each exercise for 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds, then move on to the next exercise. Go through the whole list 3 times with the following exercises. -Kettlebell swings (or a dumbbell will work in a pinch) -Pushups -Burpess -Jump squats -Shoulder press It will take you 15 minutes to do the whole workout. Workout 2 Good old Tabatas. If you have never done Tabatas, get ready to live. This workout has only 2 exercises. To perform Tabatas you will work as hard as you can for 20 seconds, then rest 10 seconds. You will repeat this pattern for a total of 4 minutes per exercise (8 rounds total). Perform Tabatas with squats, rest 2 minutes, then Tabatas for pushups. 10 minutes and your workout is done. Workout 3 This will be a sprint workout. A sprint doesn't necessarily have to be running. It can be on a bike, rowing machine, Shake Weight. Well maybe skip the Shake Weight. For the sprint go as hard as you can for 20 seconds, rest 60 seconds, and then repeat that a total of 10 times. Takes a little over 12 minutes to complete. Make the time then take the time, you won't regret it. Try these out and let me know if you have questions!

Quick, healthy dessert recipe


Almond butter tastes better than it looks

                        Quick one today, but one that can help you with those night-time cravings for sweets. Am I the only one that has these cravings like EVERY night? So here is something I started making to quiet Old Man Sweet Tooth. It has 3 ingredients: -Blueberries -Vanilla Greek yogurt -Almond butter I use frozen blueberries, so I thaw those out first. Then add a scoop of Greek yogurt, than mix in the almond butter. A healthy alternative to eating Ben and Jerry's every night. Especially that new flavor they came out with if you've seen that. Try it out and let me know what you think!

The tale of two boot campers in their own words


It's no coincidence she is standing like Super Woman

I want to share the stories of two boot campers that I think you will find interesting. One has been doing boot camp for a year and the other just started last week. They will share their stories in their own words The first is an amazing story about Kim. Kim is a regular mom who enjoys playing with her kids, cooking, Harry Potter, and Glee. Oh and in her spare time she does boot camp and trains for a half marathon. As in boot camp in the morning and lots of miles at night. To look at Kim now, you would never suspect that she was ever awkward or weak or any of the things that are common for people who are just starting an exercise program. That is the ultimate compliment. Just like when people don't believe that I used to be 50 pounds heavier than I am right now. It's not easy, but it can be done if you just keep showing up. Kim kept showing up. Read her amazing one year transformation here. The next story is about Jen. The funny thing about Jen is, her story reminds me a lot of Kim when she first started. By the way, Jen is the mastermind behind that all you moms need to check out. I just read it for the articles. Jen has one goal with boot camp. Don't throw up. That's it. Not lose 10 pounds, or fit into her skinny jeans, she just wants to keep her vittles down. Sorry, just been hankering to type vittles. And hankering. Every week Jen blogs about her experiences at boot camp. If you have been a little hesitant about joining or trying a boot camp, check it out and see what you think. Read her latest post here. That's the beauty of Adventure Boot Camp. We say we are for all shapes, sizes, and abilities and we mean it.

100 Days Left

one hundred

Image by Violentz via Flickr

Anybody else here like to look at calendars all day? Well that's why you hang with me. I don't mind doing your dirty work. Do you know how many days are left in the year?   If you read the title of this or looked at the picture, you probably have a pretty good guess. There are 100 days left in this year.   More than 70% of this year is over with. It happened pretty fast huh? How are you doing on your New Year's Resolutions? Let me ask a more ideal question. Do you remember your resolutions?   Chances are you left those things behind in February and haven't looked back since.   It is time to look back.   Why did you give up? Seem too far away? Life got in the way? Didn't have any support?   There are 100 days left in this year that you can use to make a LOT happen. This is the time to start things in motion.   I wanted to offer you something I just started doing that you might be interested in. It is a combination of virtual personal training and health coaching.   For the workouts, they will be sent right to your e-mail complete with pictures, videos, and descriptions of how to do the exercises. These workouts are completely scaled to your level and in line with your fitness goals. They can be used in a gym, at home, on the road, wherever you like.   The health coaching is probably the most valuable part of the whole thing. Most people can find a workout, but the purpose of health coaching is to help you find strategies to implement a healthy lifestyle. You get unlimited e-mail, phone, and text access to me to answer questions, solve problems, or sometimes you just need to vent to somebody.   I am offering it right now at the introductory price of $100/month, but I can only offer 5 slots at this time. So if you are interested let me know as soon as you can. Just as a warning, you will be held accountable and you will be expected to take action on the instructions you are given. You don't want to waste money and I don't want to waste time.   You have 100 days, let's see what you can do with it.

My Boot Camp Family


Hanging with my sisters

These past few days have reminded me that I am one of the luckiest people around. Not only do I have the hardest working, most attractive, funniest, determined, best dancing, fun loving boot campers in the world, but they are also like family.   You all brought in close to $10,000 worth of money and donations when we had a fundraiser for tornado victims. When someone is sick, you make sure they are ok and if they need anything. When someone is down, they are lifted up.  You participate, cheer, and encourage each other in races. You guys were awesome at the Warrior Dash! You share recipes, tips on raising kids, hair care/style methods (while I stare on blankly), etc… It was my hope that this camp would be more than an exercise class. I wanted it to be like family.   You have made that come true.   You genuinely care for and about one another. You inspire me. So I have a deal for you. If we can get 50 people to join team Adventure Boob Camp (just go with it, there will be worse names out there) for the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run on October 15, I will donate $1000 to the fund. The details on how to join are in the link at the bottom of this page. Sound like a plan?   Thanks to you all I'm living the dream.

Sore muscles, Liz Hurley Ribbon Run, and the winner of a year of free boot camp

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              Since we have a new boot camp starting today and a lot of people still sore from doing the Warrior Dash, I thought I would send you a link to help with that. Solutions for sore muscles I need a link for dealing with sunburns. Red hair + pale skin=Lobster Joe. Help me out. The 8th Annual Liz Hurley Ribbon Run is coming up and I started a team last night! Aren't you excited? What if I told you the team name was Adventure Boob Camp? Now you're on board I bet. We would love to have you on our team. Register for the race here. Go to the web site, Register Here, agree to the waiver, click on the Join a team button, and on the drop down menu look for Adventure Boob Camp. I know you think I'm kidding, but it's in there. It's a great event, for a very worthy cause (breast cancer awareness) and has turned into the largest 5K in Huntsville. You can walk it, run it, run halfway, run backwards meet some people, and then walk with them the rest of the way like I did last year. Or you can make donations too. My goal is to get at least 50 people and raise $1000. Also, the big announcement for who won the free year of boot camp. Drum roll please....... Dayle "Brickhouse" Reed! Excellent job, awesome lady, and I am so glad I get to spend the next year with you. You may feel differently, but too bad. Great job!

Magic Fat Loss Formula

Weight loss drugs. Did you know it is a multi-BILLION dollar industry? In the past, though, there have been many issues with diet drugs - from being linked to cardiac issues to increased rates of suicide in those who take certain ones.
Weight loss drugs really have a shady past. Anybody remember Phen phen? They can give you a little boost in fat loss, but the downside - when you start on them you have to STAY on them to keep the benefits. With their spotty history, modest (if any) added benefit, to their potentially dangerous side effects, is it REALLY worth the risk?
Here’s the "Magic Fat Loss Formula". Ready? This is hard core, secret stuff from my fellow Adventure Boot Camp instructor and nutrition rock star Dr. Chris Mohr. He's a doctor, so you know it's gold!
-Start each meal with a veggie or fruit
-Replace all liquid calories with water
-Eat breakfast daily
-Include a lean protein with each meal
-Enjoy healthy fats throughout the day
-Move more and ramp up the exercise intensity
-Sleep a minimum of 7 hours/day, ideally 8+
Skip the drugs when you are trying to get in shape. You don't need them. You know what my side splitting joke is when people ask me what fat burner I recommend? I tell them to take 25 burpees and call me in the morning. Hilarity!
Exercise burns fat, taking drugs that speed up your heart or curb your appetite can be hazardous to your health. AND some of them don't even help
you! How dare they.
No more short cuts for temporary results. Think long term and permanent, dramatic and then it all come right back onto you.
Now go forth and take your burpees.

Are you shaped like a pear, apple, or muffin? Learn to defeat all three.


The plateau where a person is losing weight, hits the wall, can’t lose any more weight, and then does not weigh out because they know they did not reach their goal. Plateaus can be caused by any number of reasons, but we will focus on two that you might not have considered. Those two factors are hormones and adaptation.


Estrogen (pear shape), insulin resistance (muffin top), and cortisol (beer belly) all cause body fat to be stored in different trouble areas that make it hard to lose. To overcome high estrogen and cortisol levels, try doing short, intense workouts. Cortisol levels can increase when you do long exercise sessions (1 hour plus of weightlifting or cardiovascular exercise).


A great way to fight insulin resistance is to cut down on the junk carbohydrates (cookies, sodas, alcohol, breads) you are consuming.


Another reason you stop losing weight (particularly when you are performing long cardiovascular training sessions) is that your body adapts. You become more efficient at running, biking, swimming, etc… which is great for distance, but it means you are burning fewer calories.


That is why you need to vary your workouts, as well as your intensities. Learn to be well rounded and try different workouts. If all you have been doing is jogging at the same pace and same duration, you have to switch it up to change your body. Mix in sprints or intervals, and then look to add a strength training component to your workouts. When you begin strength training, perform a variety of exercises, intensities, and equipment used to always keep your body challenged.


Just like you change up your workouts, you need to change up your caloric intake. Don’t eat exactly the same thing in the same amounts every day. You have head the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results right?


I need to listen to that advice. Sometimes I watch old football games and expect my team to win, knowing good and well it already happened, If you really want to nail down the eating part, make an appointment with a dietitian.

The bottom line is that you must “trick” your body into making changes by changing your training and eating methods. Doing the same old thing will get you the same old results.

THEY did it why can't YOU?


Do not miss this exit!

                      Today I want to talk about believing in yourself. There are too many people who suffer from crippling self-doubt. I'm pretty good at recognizing it because it has held me back from reaching my goals too.  You're talking to a guy who started a boot camp for women at 530 am in a parking lot in the middle of a recession. You think I didn't have a few doubts? Many a day leading up to the start of camp, I would picture myself teaching tumbleweeds how to do pushups.  But I had 2 things that convinced me I could do it though. One, I knew others had done it before and had been succesful. Two, I knew in my heart this was something I would be good at. I think back on my first camp and I compare them to the first people who drank milk. Sure it looks easy now, but would you have wanted to be the first one? Drink what? Out of where? Have you ever heard of Roger Bannister? He was the first man to ever run a mile under 4 minutes. Before that people (even scientists) thought it was physiologically impossible. A funny thing happened the year after Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mark, 37 runners did it. Then 2 years after he did, 300 runners accomplished the feat. Amazing huh? The point is, you can get in shape, you can lose weight, you can accomplish whatever you want in life. Within reason. One of my first job interviews I was asked by a panel of people what my primary goal was. I told them I wanted to be the first white guy on Soul Train. I later found out it had already happened. At least I still got the job. Still can't believe I did that. It is not impossible to totally change your life. No matter where you are now in life right now. I see it first hand in boot camp all the time. People that could barely walk for 5 minute without being out of breath, now running 5Ks, 10Ks, and half marathons.These aren't professional athletes or actresses with every need taken care of, these are busy people just like you. You know what the beauty of being really out of shape is? You can make MASSIVE progress by making simple changes in your life. I would love for you to join my boot camp or try out my new virtual personal training program. But if you do nothing else, start believing TODAY that you can reach your goals.  Someone is changing their life right now, why aren't you?
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