Do not miss this exit!

                      Today I want to talk about believing in yourself. There are too many people who suffer from crippling self-doubt. I'm pretty good at recognizing it because it has held me back from reaching my goals too.  You're talking to a guy who started a boot camp for women at 530 am in a parking lot in the middle of a recession. You think I didn't have a few doubts? Many a day leading up to the start of camp, I would picture myself teaching tumbleweeds how to do pushups.  But I had 2 things that convinced me I could do it though. One, I knew others had done it before and had been succesful. Two, I knew in my heart this was something I would be good at. I think back on my first camp and I compare them to the first people who drank milk. Sure it looks easy now, but would you have wanted to be the first one? Drink what? Out of where? Have you ever heard of Roger Bannister? He was the first man to ever run a mile under 4 minutes. Before that people (even scientists) thought it was physiologically impossible. A funny thing happened the year after Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mark, 37 runners did it. Then 2 years after he did, 300 runners accomplished the feat. Amazing huh? The point is, you can get in shape, you can lose weight, you can accomplish whatever you want in life. Within reason. One of my first job interviews I was asked by a panel of people what my primary goal was. I told them I wanted to be the first white guy on Soul Train. I later found out it had already happened. At least I still got the job. Still can't believe I did that. It is not impossible to totally change your life. No matter where you are now in life right now. I see it first hand in boot camp all the time. People that could barely walk for 5 minute without being out of breath, now running 5Ks, 10Ks, and half marathons.These aren't professional athletes or actresses with every need taken care of, these are busy people just like you. You know what the beauty of being really out of shape is? You can make MASSIVE progress by making simple changes in your life. I would love for you to join my boot camp or try out my new virtual personal training program. But if you do nothing else, start believing TODAY that you can reach your goals.  Someone is changing their life right now, why aren't you?