Weight loss drugs. Did you know it is a multi-BILLION dollar industry? In the past, though, there have been many issues with diet drugs - from being linked to cardiac issues to increased rates of suicide in those who take certain ones.
Weight loss drugs really have a shady past. Anybody remember Phen phen? They can give you a little boost in fat loss, but the downside - when you start on them you have to STAY on them to keep the benefits. With their spotty history, modest (if any) added benefit, to their potentially dangerous side effects, is it REALLY worth the risk?
Here’s the "Magic Fat Loss Formula". Ready? This is hard core, secret stuff from my fellow Adventure Boot Camp instructor and nutrition rock star Dr. Chris Mohr. He's a doctor, so you know it's gold!
-Start each meal with a veggie or fruit
-Replace all liquid calories with water
-Eat breakfast daily
-Include a lean protein with each meal
-Enjoy healthy fats throughout the day
-Move more and ramp up the exercise intensity
-Sleep a minimum of 7 hours/day, ideally 8+
Skip the drugs when you are trying to get in shape. You don't need them. You know what my side splitting joke is when people ask me what fat burner I recommend? I tell them to take 25 burpees and call me in the morning. Hilarity!
Exercise burns fat, taking drugs that speed up your heart or curb your appetite can be hazardous to your health. AND some of them don't even help
you! How dare they.
No more short cuts for temporary results. Think long term and permanent, dramatic and then it all come right back onto you.
Now go forth and take your burpees.