Hanging with my sisters

These past few days have reminded me that I am one of the luckiest people around. Not only do I have the hardest working, most attractive, funniest, determined, best dancing, fun loving boot campers in the world, but they are also like family.   You all brought in close to $10,000 worth of money and donations when we had a fundraiser for tornado victims. When someone is sick, you make sure they are ok and if they need anything. When someone is down, they are lifted up.  You participate, cheer, and encourage each other in races. You guys were awesome at the Warrior Dash! You share recipes, tips on raising kids, hair care/style methods (while I stare on blankly), etc… It was my hope that this camp would be more than an exercise class. I wanted it to be like family.   You have made that come true.   You genuinely care for and about one another. You inspire me. So I have a deal for you. If we can get 50 people to join team Adventure Boob Camp (just go with it, there will be worse names out there) for the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run on October 15, I will donate $1000 to the fund. The details on how to join are in the link at the bottom of this page. Sound like a plan?   Thanks to you all I'm living the dream.