It's no coincidence she is standing like Super Woman

I want to share the stories of two boot campers that I think you will find interesting. One has been doing boot camp for a year and the other just started last week. They will share their stories in their own words The first is an amazing story about Kim. Kim is a regular mom who enjoys playing with her kids, cooking, Harry Potter, and Glee. Oh and in her spare time she does boot camp and trains for a half marathon. As in boot camp in the morning and lots of miles at night. To look at Kim now, you would never suspect that she was ever awkward or weak or any of the things that are common for people who are just starting an exercise program. That is the ultimate compliment. Just like when people don't believe that I used to be 50 pounds heavier than I am right now. It's not easy, but it can be done if you just keep showing up. Kim kept showing up. Read her amazing one year transformation here. The next story is about Jen. The funny thing about Jen is, her story reminds me a lot of Kim when she first started. By the way, Jen is the mastermind behind that all you moms need to check out. I just read it for the articles. Jen has one goal with boot camp. Don't throw up. That's it. Not lose 10 pounds, or fit into her skinny jeans, she just wants to keep her vittles down. Sorry, just been hankering to type vittles. And hankering. Every week Jen blogs about her experiences at boot camp. If you have been a little hesitant about joining or trying a boot camp, check it out and see what you think. Read her latest post here. That's the beauty of Adventure Boot Camp. We say we are for all shapes, sizes, and abilities and we mean it.