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Help a brutha out!

halloween menu

Who would eat that nastiness? Way too many processed carbs.

Happy Halloween! This has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween though. Mainly wanted an excuse to use the picture to your right there. I'm trying to help people solve their two biggest problems when it comes to getting the body they want. Eating right and exercising on a regular basis.  To assist me in my mission, it would be awesome if you could complete the survey at the link below. Just two questions and it won't take you more than a minute or so. Please go here to access the survey.

Healthy Halloween For Parents


Pretty maids all in a row

I know it. You know it. Your kids really know it. You are going to slowly eat all of your children’s best Halloween candy when they aren't looking.  This will go on until one day your kid will wake up to a bag of those orange and black candies, a Chick-O-Stick, and some UNICEF change. Happens every year.  So what’s a health conscious, candy stealing parent to do? First let’s pick out the top five Halloween candies and then make up some health benefits for the candy to make us feel better about eating them. 1. Snickers-Nougat improves backgammon performance by 74% 2. 3 Musketeers-3 times the health benefits of a single musketeer 3. Reese’s peanut butter cup-Peanut butter is better for you in chocolate cup form 4. Nerds-Pure sugar, but it is hard to get them stuck in your windpipe 5. Baby Ruth-Clears everybody out of the pool for you to swim laps Next you need to make a list of exercises to match up with the candy. For instance: 1. Snickers-50 pushups 2. 3 Musketeers-30 burpees 3. Reese’s-50 squats 4. Nerds-100 jumping jacks 5. Baby Ruth-Run a half of a mile Every time you eat one of the candies, you have to do what’s on the list for that candy. The benefits will be two-fold when you do this. Not only will you be getting in shape, but it will also make you think twice about stealing so much candy. Feel free to change the exercises and candies to fit your sugar tooth preference and fitness level.
You can get your kids involved as well. They get a certain amount of candy, then they have to earn additional candy with exercise or even chores. So glad my parents never thought of this stuff. The most effective way to help your kids to be healthy, is to be healthy yourself. Not by talking about it, but by showing them with your actions every day that exercise and proper nutrition are a priority.

The Twinkie Diet


Thanks Chuck

The Twinkie Diet. Have you heard about it? Most of you have I bet. It is actually called the Snack Cake Diet or something like that.
If you haven' seen it, this nutrition professor lost 27 pounds eating almost exclusively stuff you would find in a vending machine. He reduced his calories from 2600 to 1800 to go on this diet.
He was setting out to prove that you can eat whatever you want if you just reduce the calories.He lost weight, reduced his bad cholesterol, increased his good cholesterol, and reduced his triglycerides. Along with the junk food he added in some vegetables (to be a good example to his kids), took a multivitamin, and drank a protein shake every day.
My problem with this whole thing for me was they didn't measure body fat. They also, did not measure his blood glucose. Sounds like a recipe for skinnyfatitis and diabetes. Being skinny fat is not better than regular fat.
Usually that means you have no muscle at all and you are a flabby stick figure. Now don't get me wrong, reducing calories is really important but just say it out loud. I'm eating Little Debbies to lose weight. Does it sound too good to be true? Probably is.
Weight is not the most important measure of a program's success. I'm going to keep hammering that point home every chance I get. Here is a crazy diet you should try. Get out your pen and paper, then get ready to copy this baby down.
Eat lean proteins, plenty of fruits and vegetables, lay off liquid calories, drink plenty of water, control your portions, exercise hard, and get plenty of rest.
Boom, bang, blam works even better than eating Twinkies all day.

The Law of Compensation

                    Have you ever heard of the Law of Compensation? It is the same basic concept of you reap what you sow. It says that you can never be compensated in the long run more than you put in. Kind of makes sense when you think about the people who never work, win the lottery, and then are broke a few months later. They didn't put in the work to earn that compensation.  I am a true believer in the Law of Compensation. I have always done the extra things, even when I thought there was no way possible it could help me. (Note-this does not apply to lawn care or any other household chores)  So what does this have to do with you? Nothing I just love bragging about myself. Wait, no I had a point. The same rule applies to getting in shape and losing weight. The more work you put in, the more you get compensated or in this case less of you is accumulated. I don't mean you have to workout more, I mean you have to put in the effort outside of your workout. You have to get the proper amount of sleep, cut down on your stress, eat right, etc... Do all of this in 4 week blocks just like we do in boot camp. Be absolutely committed to the next 4 weeks and see how good you do. The more results you get, the more motivated you will be to continue on with your positive changes.  Make the next 4 weeks about making wholesale changes in your life that you can stick to. Put in the effort and it will be worth your while.

3 ways to lose weight and KEEP it off.


3 is the magic number

The Federal Trade Commission says that 95% of Americans who begin a weight loss program regain ALL or MORE of the weight they lost. That is depressing dude! So what are we supposed to do?
Here is another fun fact for you. According to the National Weight Control Registry there are 3 things that people who lost 60 pounds or more and KEPT it off for more than 5 years had in common:
1. They exercise! Not just any exercise, but they exercised 5 days per week for an hour a day on a consistent basis. If you have a lot of weight to lose, you also  have a lot of work to put in.
2. They eat breakfast every day. It is the most important meal of the day for a reason. It is right in the name. It breaks your fast. Think about how long you go in between meals if you eat dinner at 6pm and then breakfast at 6am. 12 hours! Now think about if you don't eat until lunch time. It could be 18 hours between meals. Going too long in between meals is not good for you. You tend to eat more junk, your metabolism slows down, and you will not have as much energy. Eat your breaky.
3. They keep food journals! Seems like somebody else said that was pretty important too. Who was that dashing red headed man? Be like Nike and just do it, it's that important.

Organic? Natural? What's the difference?

This guy? 100% Nature Boy. Other than the steroids, cocaine, and tanning bed leather skin. "Woooo! Other than the steroids and tanning beds I am the Nature Boy! Cocaine is natural right? Wooooo!"   What do "organic" and "natural" mean? Well, anonymous person, I'm glad you asked that. First let's break down the levels of organic. 100% organic or USDA certified organic for beef is the highest and is pure organic with  no pesticides. Organic-means it is 95-100% organic Made with organic products-means it is 70-94% organic Anything that is less than 70% organic cannot make any sort of claim regarding its organic make up. Organic will cost you more, that part is without a doubt. Do I think it is worth it? For the most part, yes I do. For things like bananas or oranges where the part you eat doesn't come in contact with the pesticides it isn't worth any extra money. Pesticides aren't always going to make you violently ill, they can just make you have a mild, allergic type reaction that people usually attribute to something else. But who needs that?  Also, several studies have shown that certain pesticides and toxins can cause you to hold onto body fat. I can take getting sick, but I'm not getting fat! How many of you thought that just now? I can read you like a book. How about natural? Natural means it cannot contain any artificial ingredients and must be minimally processed. That sounds really awesome right? How could you go wrong with that? Well the problem with that is, the FDA has no clear definition of what "minimally processed" means. So don't just believe the hype on natural packaging, believe what you read in the ingredients list. Always, always, always read the food labels. If nothing else just look at the first 3 ingredients. See something you don't want in your body? Then you don't want it in your shopping cart.

In 40 years almost half of America will be obese



Have you heard the latest prediction on what our country's obesity percentage is going to be? What you don't read all the health stuff you can get your hands on from across the country? You must have a life.
 It was mostly thought that the obesity level would cap off at 34%, but now a new study is predicting that it will reach 42%. Nearly half the population!
They think the obesity rates will slowly but steadily climb for the next 40 years until it reaches 42%. Craziness.
You know what they think will be the main cause of this climb? Social interaction. They have found that overweight friends can help you gain weight or stay overweight. So can your buff friend help you out? Not so much.
"You don't really catch healthiness," says one of the researchers Alison Hill. So what does this mean for you? Forget that researcher! Be that healthy role model. Lift your friend up that needs help. Be the difference in someone's life.
You can have more effect on your friend's life than a trainer ever could. Not me of course, I do work son!
Just think about how you make most of your decisions on trying new things. Friends and family members opinions would probably be the number one thing.
Let me just tell you there is nothing like having someone thank you for giving them their health back. Being healthy trumps any meal, movie, cool place, etc... That stuff is just temporary, but feeling good is an all the time thing.  Give that gift to your friends and get back the gift of feeling good about helping someone.

$49 for a month of boot camp?

Very soon you will have a short window of opportunity to get a month of boot camp AND the 21 Day Belly Blast program for $49. The Belly Blast alone costs $49. Add that in with the fact that boot camp is rarely discounted, this is a great opportunity. Living Social will be coming out with this deal on Friday. If you are not signed up to get their deals you can go to to get signed up for free. You can always opt out if you don't want to get any further deals. You will see a place in the fine print that says "For new students of Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp only." Or something like that. If you're an old or current camper, just ignore that. They can't stop us! It is good at either location, Huntsville or Madison. You can also buy them as gifts if you like. Any guys out there, just know you are walking a slippery slope buying exercise related gifts for women. Just trust me. If money has been holding you back from trying the camp, I'm taking away that excuse. You will spend more than $49 eating out for lunch this
week. This camp has changed lives, don't you think it's worth at least that? 




PS-If you are waiting to sign up for team Adventure Boob Camp for the Liz Hurley 5K, don't wait too much longer! Friday is the last day to sign up on-line. We don't have 50 people yet, so I'm already spending that money I was going to donate on alligator shoes and emu jorts. You can go here to register

A good reason to avoid McDonald's

I have to admit it. I occasionally take my son to eat at McDonald's just like you do. But unlike you I am forced to park at other establishments because my vehicle is a shining advertisement for exercise and fitness.
Advertising for fitness. And crazy women...
My thought is, what's the harm? It is a rare treat we hardly ever go there. Can't be that bad right? The video below may have changed my mind a little. Pretty disturbing stuff.

Popeye was pretty smart

Popeye, about to eat his spinach, in Fleischer...

Image via Wikipedia

You thought I was kidding about doing a Popeye report didn't you? I am very serious when it comes to my cartoons. Unless it's like the seizure inducing ones they have today. I'm officially old after that statement. Moving on... Do you eat spinach? Well I am going to try to convince you to do so. Check out this article from my partners at Prograde and see if you don't go out and buy some spinach today.  Here it is, Popeye was pretty smart(
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