Have you ever noticed that fast food places are either red or yellow interiors? Do you tend to eat more in places like that?
They have done studies that show rooms that are warmer colors (red, yellow, etc...) tend to make people eat more.  So what do you do?
Well, first I have another question. Were any of the Smurfs overweight? It's been awhile, but I think the Smurfs all stayed pretty trim.
What's their secret? The color blue. It is a natural appetite suppressant.
A study published in Contract magazine showed that people who dined in a blue room, ate 33% less calories than the people who dined in a yellow room and a red room.
So go out tonight and paint your office break room, your dining room, wherever you eat, blue.  Of course this is all tongue in cheek, but be always be aware of how much you are eating.
You don't just get this kind of hard hitting info just anywhere. My next report. Olive Oyl's anorexia, Popeye's spinach abuse, and Wimpy's gluttony. A sign of the times or just coincidence? Tune in to find out.