Have you heard the latest prediction on what our country's obesity percentage is going to be? What you don't read all the health stuff you can get your hands on from across the country? You must have a life.
 It was mostly thought that the obesity level would cap off at 34%, but now a new study is predicting that it will reach 42%. Nearly half the population!
They think the obesity rates will slowly but steadily climb for the next 40 years until it reaches 42%. Craziness.
You know what they think will be the main cause of this climb? Social interaction. They have found that overweight friends can help you gain weight or stay overweight. So can your buff friend help you out? Not so much.
"You don't really catch healthiness," says one of the researchers Alison Hill. So what does this mean for you? Forget that researcher! Be that healthy role model. Lift your friend up that needs help. Be the difference in someone's life.
You can have more effect on your friend's life than a trainer ever could. Not me of course, I do work son!
Just think about how you make most of your decisions on trying new things. Friends and family members opinions would probably be the number one thing.
Let me just tell you there is nothing like having someone thank you for giving them their health back. Being healthy trumps any meal, movie, cool place, etc... That stuff is just temporary, but feeling good is an all the time thing.  Give that gift to your friends and get back the gift of feeling good about helping someone.