This guy? 100% Nature Boy. Other than the steroids, cocaine, and tanning bed leather skin. "Woooo! Other than the steroids and tanning beds I am the Nature Boy! Cocaine is natural right? Wooooo!"   What do "organic" and "natural" mean? Well, anonymous person, I'm glad you asked that. First let's break down the levels of organic. 100% organic or USDA certified organic for beef is the highest and is pure organic with  no pesticides. Organic-means it is 95-100% organic Made with organic products-means it is 70-94% organic Anything that is less than 70% organic cannot make any sort of claim regarding its organic make up. Organic will cost you more, that part is without a doubt. Do I think it is worth it? For the most part, yes I do. For things like bananas or oranges where the part you eat doesn't come in contact with the pesticides it isn't worth any extra money. Pesticides aren't always going to make you violently ill, they can just make you have a mild, allergic type reaction that people usually attribute to something else. But who needs that?  Also, several studies have shown that certain pesticides and toxins can cause you to hold onto body fat. I can take getting sick, but I'm not getting fat! How many of you thought that just now? I can read you like a book. How about natural? Natural means it cannot contain any artificial ingredients and must be minimally processed. That sounds really awesome right? How could you go wrong with that? Well the problem with that is, the FDA has no clear definition of what "minimally processed" means. So don't just believe the hype on natural packaging, believe what you read in the ingredients list. Always, always, always read the food labels. If nothing else just look at the first 3 ingredients. See something you don't want in your body? Then you don't want it in your shopping cart.