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Kermit the Frog's Secret Workout

Kermit the Frog
In the 1920’s scientists wanted to know what effect inactivity had on muscles. They bound the legs of a group of frogs for extended period of time and then studied the results. Shockingly, at the end of the experiment the frogs who had their legs tied had bigger and stronger legs than the untied frogs of the control group. The restrained frogs struggled to get loose the whole time they were tied. The constant constricting and tensing greatly improved their leg strength and size. This type of tension without movement is called an isometric contraction.  You do not have to participate in a strange experiment to benefit from isometrics. The two basic isometric techniques that are commonly performed are: pushing or pulling against an immovable object and holding a weight at a point and not letting it move.   For instance, you can load up a bench press with a weight you can’t budge and push as hard as you can for 20-60 seconds. Don't have a bench press? Push against a wall. Pick a sturdy one though, just trust me on that. An example of the other technique is the Isometric Paloff press.  To perform an Isometric Paloff press, stand perpendicular to a cable crossover, grab a D-handle with both hands, press it straight out at chest level, and hold that position with arms extended.  The weight will be constantly pulling you to the side so it is a great core workout. Don't have a cable crossover? Do you have a friend? Or at the very least someone willing to inflict punishment on you. Clasp your hands together and push them straight out in front of you. Have your "friend" push on the side of your hand trying to move you. Don't let them! They are not the boss of you! Sounds simple, but is actually pretty challenging. Isometrics are not something you want to do exclusively , they are just another tool to add to your exercise tool box. Constantly challenging your body is the key to changing your body.

Exercising during the holidays



We are coming up on the time on the year when two things get in the way of your workouts.  Traveling and time.  Something that I would recommend you purchasing for your fitness needs are exercise bands. They are lightweight, inexpensive, and very versatile. You can literally do 100's of exercises with one band. You can just throw it in your travel bag or even purse (or any of you dudes that have European totes) then you will have an excellent tool that can give you an efficient, time-saving workout. Want to learn a quick band workout? Watch me on TV today! I will be on today (November 23) somewhere between 4-4:30pm on ABC WAAY 31. My plan is to talk about band workouts, but things usually go wrong when I go on live TV.  I will post some more band workouts for you in the next few weeks.  Hope you all have an awesome Thanksgiving holiday and I really appreciate you reading these crazy posts! PS-Don't forget about the free camp tomorrow!. Read details here ------>Free Camp

Your weight loss answer


I did a survey awhile back asking people what kept them from eating healthy. An overwhelming majority (81%) were held back from eating healthy by that old enemy for most of us. Cooking. Whether it is not having the time or a simple dislike of cooking. For most people it is a time issue. Several people made the great point that it is not just the cooking that takes up the time. It's the grocery shopping and clean up afterwards that add in a significant amount of time as well. Ever been behind the person with a coupon portfolio? Or behind the guy that is totally stymied by the self check-out? You will be there for a while. Some other popular responses were: -Too expensive -Doesn't taste good -Confused on what healthy food is -Hard to cook for just one person -Have trouble with portion control Those all make sense to me because I have used those some reasons to avoid eating healthy myself! For me it is mainly a combination of time and I am simply too lazy to cook some times. I can admit it. I started thinking about the famous Hollywood actors and actresses who get in great shape so fast. I thought well I could handle the working out part just fine, but there would be no stopping me if I had their personal chef! And personal plastic surgeon... So I did some research to find out how I could have an affordable personal chef. The only dude I could afford only cooks Ramen noodles and boils hot dogs, so I had to find another way. What I found was the Meal Movement. <-----Click the link to order now Wouldn't it be awesome if someone delivered fully cooked healthy and delicious meals to you? Meals that are not made of processed junk, but from whole, natural foods? I gotta tell you it is awesome. I have been eating this food for the past few weeks and it's great to come home from work and have a healthy meal ready to eat in literally 6 minutes. With my experience so far here are the Pros and Cons of the Meal Movement. Pros: -Super convenient -No grocery shopping (possibly my favorite part) -Actually tastes good -Portion control that is done for you, which also eliminates any wasting of food (not a problem for me usually) -No prep time before or clean up afterwards. Microwave your meat, then your vegetables, and that's it -Very few dishes (a plate and a fork) -Teaches you how to eat healthy. You will know what the right portion size looks like, what types of food to eat, and it also sends you educational videos as a part of the process. Cons: -Expense. I first saw the price tag and got sticker shock. It breaks down to about $13 a day or so, depending on the package you get. Which isn't really that much, until you are paying for 28 days worth of food at once. Looking at past grocery and eating out expenses, it was about $50 more per month. For me, the convenience was totally worth it. -Freezer space. You need a LOT of space! I mean this is about 55 pounds of food coming your way, so you have to be ready. This actually helped us out though because we got rid of a lot of the junk that was in the freezer to make room. We actually had to store some of the food in the fridge, which is fine because it is good for 16 days in there. -Acclimation time. If you are eat sugary and processed foods all the time, you will be in for an adjustment phase for sure. Cleansing your body of all that stuff is a process and it is not fun. But I guarantee it will be worth it. So go check this out ------>Meal Movement Menu to see if it is for you. I hope this helps you all as much as it has helped me. There are other tips and tricks I have learned throughout the process. I wanted to try one of everything, so I could give you my opinion on it. Still don't like brussels sprouts, I don't care who sent them.  If you do want to know more or if you decide to order it and try it out, let me know because I would love to help. Just send me an e-mail at if you need anything. Everything comes with a 100% money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose except weight.

Free Co-ed Boot Camp on Thanksgiving to raise money for abused children


It is a yearly tradition at Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp that we host a boot camp on Thanksgiving Day. It is for men, women, and children ages 12 and up. Normally it costs $15 for the whole family to attend. That way families can come out and enjoy some exercise and fun together before destroying their bodies with food. It's what the Pilgrims would have wanted. I was all set to have business as usual when two things happened at about the same time and changed how I wanted to do things this year. The first thing that happened was the horrific situation at Penn State. I have a huge place in my heart for kids and I have a 6-year-old son of my own. I'm not a violent person, but when people hurt kids it makes me want to hurt someone. If you are a parent, you're probably like me and you picture what you would do if that was your child. So I wanted to do something to help. I have a friend who is a social worker and I was asking about a good way to go about helping abused kids. That is when the second thing happened. I found out that the Dekalb County Children's Advocacy Center recently had their funding cut. I don't believe in coincidences. If you do not know, children's advocacy centers are where children go after abuse occurs. Before advocacy centers, they would have to tell their painful stories over and over to different people at office buildings all over town. Police, lawyers, social workers. The Advocacy Center is located in an actual house where they can play, watch TV, color, etc... Plus they only have to tell their story one time. This is where these broken children begin to have the pieces put back together. So this year, there will be no charge to come to the camp. I am just asking for whatever donations you can spare for the DeKalb County Children's Advocacy Center. The camp will be on Thanksgiving Day, 8:30-9:30 AM at Weatherly Elementary School. If you have any questions, please send them to If you can't make it to camp, I would strongly encourage you to donate to a local charity for abused children. The holidays are especially tough on them as you can imagine.

The importance of finishing strong


See above

We are all great starters. That excited feeling you get when you are starting something new is a great feeling. Then things become not so great... That new job you were so excited to start? Turns out they make you show up every day and do stuff, just like the last job. The new exercise program was awesome! Until you realized it requires you to keep doing it. Like forever! Eating healthy was going great until your personal chef never showed up to cook and prepare all those healthy meals. I know many of you have been there before, myself included. My wife can tell you about my failed attempts to learn the guitar and play golf. These things take tons of practice and determination? Why can't I just be a natural at it? I'm out! I want to encourage all of you become strong finishers, especially when it comes to exercise. Not only does that mean sticking to your workout plan, it also in the actual workout itself. Think about the last time you stopped in the middle of a set of exercises or in the middle of a run. Why did you stop? Was it because your muscles gave out or because your mind gave out? You have to train your mind to be stronger than your body. Quitting is a habit. Each time you quit, it sends a message to your body that it has found your stopping point every time you challenge your body. This means it becomes easier to quit and harder to overcome that urge each time. On the flip side, not giving up can be a habit too. Teach your body to redefine the limits each time you exercise. That is how runners build up to running marathons. They go a little further each time, until that longer distance is their new reality. Don't give up! Your body will tell you to stop. Don't listen. Even if it means going one extra step on a run, do it. If it means one more repetition on an exercise, get that little extra. Make finishing strong a habit and your results will increase exponentially.

Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp

A boot camper from Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp has gone missing and we need your help.

Veteran's Day Quiz With Exercises

Happy Veteran's Day everybody! To all those who have served and are still serving, thank you for everything. Just in case you want to experience a little taste of what we do in boot camp, you can take the quiz we had this morning. Get the question right, you get less exercise. Get it wrong, do more. Or as one of my old coaches used to say. Get it right , do it light. Get it wrong, do it long. Genius. On to the quiz! The answers will be at the bottom of the page. (Disclaimer-unless you know me, you won't know some of these answers) 1.       Joe’s brother Bob fought in Iraq for what branch? (Right-30 side plank lifts, Wrong 50) A.      Air Force B.      Marines C.      Army 2.       Bob was stationed in (Right-50 jumping jacks, Wrong-100) A.      Fallujah B.      The Sunni Triangle C.      Qatar 3.       Joe’s dad fought in the Gulf War for what branch? (Right 30 lunges, Wrong-50) A.      Air Force B.      Marines C.      Army 4.       Veteran’s Day was once known as (Right-20 burpees, Wrong-40) A.      Soldier’s Day B.      Flag Day C.      Armistice Day 5.       About how many living war veterans are there in the US? (Right 30 jump squats, Wrong 50) A.      4 million B.      7 million C.      21 million 6.       What time will the Veteran’s Day parade be today? (Right-30 plank jacks, Wrong-50) A.      9:00 AM B.      10:00 AM C.      11:00 AM 7.       How many stars were on the American flag in 1954 when November 11 officially became Veteran’s Day? (Right-40 squats, Wrong-60) A.      46 B.      48 C.      50 8.       Why is Veteran’s Day held on November 11? (Right-5 sprints, Wrong-10 sprints) A.      It is General Patton’s birthday B.      Marks the end of World War I C.      It is the birthday of the Unknown Soldier 9.       Woodrow Wilson started a tradition of serving this meal on Veteran’s Day (Right-40 hip bridge steps, Wrong- 60) A.      Ravioli B.      Spaghetti C.      Lasagna 10.   Whose idea was it to expand the holiday to honor all veterans, not just those from WWI? (Right-30 Belly Blasters, Wrong-50) A.      Jim Brown B.      Jack Caulfield C.      Stephan Riod Answer Key 1. B 2. A 3. C 4. C 5. C 6. C 7. B 8. B 9. A 10. C

Two of my nemeses are now in cahoots


So we meet again...

So I was innocently shopping in Wal-Mart the other day. Doing my usual routine of elbowing people out of my way in aisles, running over displays with my cart, scowling at everyone, etc… Like we all do right? Everything was normal until I saw something that stopped me in my tracks. Two of my nemeses are now in cahoots. You can now buy HCG at Wal-Mart. HCG is a weight loss drug if you haven’t heard of it. Does it work? Sure does. Awhile back, I compiled another list of ways that are just as effective as HCG at getting rid of those unwanted pounds quickly. ----> read the list here(Disclaimer-your long term health is not a concern if you want to try any of these methods.) It is NOT all about weight. Especially when you are looking to lose it using methods that are ineffective over the long run at best and detrimental to your health at worst. Now carrying extra pounds is not good for you either (article on that tomorrow), but FAT loss is the goal you should have. There are no short cuts. There are no magic pills. (Although you can find the Magic Formula here) Proper exercise. Proper nutrition. Proper rest. Those are the keys to success, not the magic elixir that is being sold between cough medicine and Oxy pads.

A Fitness Circle of Excellence


Not to be confused with a head full of excellence

Do you have a Circle of Excellence? Some people call them mastermind groups or brainstorming groups, but this is a little different. This is a small group of 4-6 people that challenge, inspire, encourage, and mainly just make you become better. A group that you can share ideas, successes, failures, problems or whatever you need help with.  Businesses and corporations use these, why aren't you a part of a fitness mastermind? You can achieve much more as a group than you ever could alone. You have heard before, but I am going to say it again. Accountability is an absolute must for achieving the body you want. Your chances of missing a workout, eating junk all day, etc... are going to decrease if you have to answer to someone else. You need to find people that excel where you are lacking. Working on your weaknesses is hard and humbling, but you will be amazed at how fast you progress when you do so. When I wanted to become a faster and overall better runner, I found a group of guys who were excellent runner. They ran me into the ground, offered advice, never accepted excuses, and guess what? I became a much better runner.
 On the downside, you might be a part of a group that drags you the other way. Going out to lunch every day, happy hours at night, etc...  There are people out there willing to help you if you will just ask. I know you know people who are in a similar situation as yourself. Seek them out, form a group, and hold each other accountable. Special note to boot campers. There are already groups like this right now. You want to become part of one? Let me know and I will help you find one or form your own.
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