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We are all great starters. That excited feeling you get when you are starting something new is a great feeling. Then things become not so great... That new job you were so excited to start? Turns out they make you show up every day and do stuff, just like the last job. The new exercise program was awesome! Until you realized it requires you to keep doing it. Like forever! Eating healthy was going great until your personal chef never showed up to cook and prepare all those healthy meals. I know many of you have been there before, myself included. My wife can tell you about my failed attempts to learn the guitar and play golf. These things take tons of practice and determination? Why can't I just be a natural at it? I'm out! I want to encourage all of you become strong finishers, especially when it comes to exercise. Not only does that mean sticking to your workout plan, it also in the actual workout itself. Think about the last time you stopped in the middle of a set of exercises or in the middle of a run. Why did you stop? Was it because your muscles gave out or because your mind gave out? You have to train your mind to be stronger than your body. Quitting is a habit. Each time you quit, it sends a message to your body that it has found your stopping point every time you challenge your body. This means it becomes easier to quit and harder to overcome that urge each time. On the flip side, not giving up can be a habit too. Teach your body to redefine the limits each time you exercise. That is how runners build up to running marathons. They go a little further each time, until that longer distance is their new reality. Don't give up! Your body will tell you to stop. Don't listen. Even if it means going one extra step on a run, do it. If it means one more repetition on an exercise, get that little extra. Make finishing strong a habit and your results will increase exponentially.