I did a survey awhile back asking people what kept them from eating healthy. An overwhelming majority (81%) were held back from eating healthy by that old enemy for most of us. Cooking. Whether it is not having the time or a simple dislike of cooking. For most people it is a time issue. Several people made the great point that it is not just the cooking that takes up the time. It's the grocery shopping and clean up afterwards that add in a significant amount of time as well. Ever been behind the person with a coupon portfolio? Or behind the guy that is totally stymied by the self check-out? You will be there for a while. Some other popular responses were: -Too expensive -Doesn't taste good -Confused on what healthy food is -Hard to cook for just one person -Have trouble with portion control Those all make sense to me because I have used those some reasons to avoid eating healthy myself! For me it is mainly a combination of time and I am simply too lazy to cook some times. I can admit it. I started thinking about the famous Hollywood actors and actresses who get in great shape so fast. I thought well I could handle the working out part just fine, but there would be no stopping me if I had their personal chef! And personal plastic surgeon... So I did some research to find out how I could have an affordable personal chef. The only dude I could afford only cooks Ramen noodles and boils hot dogs, so I had to find another way. What I found was the Meal Movement. <-----Click the link to order now Wouldn't it be awesome if someone delivered fully cooked healthy and delicious meals to you? Meals that are not made of processed junk, but from whole, natural foods? I gotta tell you it is awesome. I have been eating this food for the past few weeks and it's great to come home from work and have a healthy meal ready to eat in literally 6 minutes. With my experience so far here are the Pros and Cons of the Meal Movement. Pros: -Super convenient -No grocery shopping (possibly my favorite part) -Actually tastes good -Portion control that is done for you, which also eliminates any wasting of food (not a problem for me usually) -No prep time before or clean up afterwards. Microwave your meat, then your vegetables, and that's it -Very few dishes (a plate and a fork) -Teaches you how to eat healthy. You will know what the right portion size looks like, what types of food to eat, and it also sends you educational videos as a part of the process. Cons: -Expense. I first saw the price tag and got sticker shock. It breaks down to about $13 a day or so, depending on the package you get. Which isn't really that much, until you are paying for 28 days worth of food at once. Looking at past grocery and eating out expenses, it was about $50 more per month. For me, the convenience was totally worth it. -Freezer space. You need a LOT of space! I mean this is about 55 pounds of food coming your way, so you have to be ready. This actually helped us out though because we got rid of a lot of the junk that was in the freezer to make room. We actually had to store some of the food in the fridge, which is fine because it is good for 16 days in there. -Acclimation time. If you are eat sugary and processed foods all the time, you will be in for an adjustment phase for sure. Cleansing your body of all that stuff is a process and it is not fun. But I guarantee it will be worth it. So go check this out ------>Meal Movement Menu to see if it is for you. I hope this helps you all as much as it has helped me. There are other tips and tricks I have learned throughout the process. I wanted to try one of everything, so I could give you my opinion on it. Still don't like brussels sprouts, I don't care who sent them.  If you do want to know more or if you decide to order it and try it out, let me know because I would love to help. Just send me an e-mail at info@HuntsvilleBootCamp.com if you need anything. Everything comes with a 100% money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose except weight.