We are coming up on the time on the year when two things get in the way of your workouts.  Traveling and time.  Something that I would recommend you purchasing for your fitness needs are exercise bands. They are lightweight, inexpensive, and very versatile. You can literally do 100's of exercises with one band. You can just throw it in your travel bag or even purse (or any of you dudes that have European totes) then you will have an excellent tool that can give you an efficient, time-saving workout. Want to learn a quick band workout? Watch me on TV today! I will be on today (November 23) somewhere between 4-4:30pm on ABC WAAY 31. My plan is to talk about band workouts, but things usually go wrong when I go on live TV.  I will post some more band workouts for you in the next few weeks.  Hope you all have an awesome Thanksgiving holiday and I really appreciate you reading these crazy posts! PS-Don't forget about the free camp tomorrow!. Read details here ------>Free Camp