The world has a shortage of famous red heads. Why not me?

My first book has been getting really good reviews, so thank you to everybody who tried it and let me know they liked.   And a big thank you to those who did not like it, but kept it to themselves. Good looking out 🙂   So I am really excited to share with you some big news in my life.   You can read the official press release about my next book coming out.   I was chosen along with some of the other top fitness professionals around the country to write a chapter for an upcoming book.   It's an actual hard cover book and maybe, just maybe, someone you are familiar with is going to be on the cover. Too early to tell.   It is scheduled to come out in the spring, so I will keep you posted as I learn more.   I used many of you as the inspiration for my chapter, so I owe you guys.   Press release