Nothing like seeing what you really look like working out

"Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone."- Robert Allen   Based on that quote I should have just about everything I want in life after this weekend. I went to a Zumbathon this weekend to raise money for a very sick child. It ended up raising $3100! If my comfort zone was located in Alabama, going to a Zumba class would be like going to Antarctica. The class had between 50-60 people, with 3 of them being guys. Being 6'2" and really pale, meant there was a blinding white light towering over 95% of my fellow Zumbaers. Plus, one of the instructors is a friend of mine and yelled "Boot camp is in the house!" No hiding out getting a feel for the class, gotta be on top of your game. I've got a reputation to uphold after all. Despite all of that I had a great time, got in a great workout, and helped raise money for a great cause. Plus I did not hurt myself or anyone else. Badly, anyway. So what's my point? My point is, step out! -Try new things -Do something that scares you every day -Attempt things that you think are impossible Get out of the shell you are used to living in. Fear of failure is holding many of you back from reaching your true potential. Ask yourself this question. If I wasn't afraid of failing, what would I attempt to do today? We would never know you could drink milk or eat crabs if some brave people hadn't come before us and done it. I'm talking to myself on this one just as much as anybody. I am still scared of public speaking, but I do it anyway and it is getting easier. I set goals for myself where that little voice of doubt is whispering it is impossible. Sometimes he's right, sometimes I'm right. Either way I am improving myself every day. Don't be afraid to start that exercise class because you think everyone is staring at you. Even if they are staring, let them! Maybe they are starting at you because you are awesome. That's what I kept telling myself at Zumba. The majority of women who come to my boot camps were very nervous and or scared before they started. Then they found out I'm not going to be yelling, they can work out at their own pace and level, and no one is going to be judging them. If they hadn't come to that first class they would have stayed scared forever. Don't let fear of the unknown stop you from reaching what you think is unreachable.