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Wake up and live your life!

Do you ever feel like your life is just kind of happening to you and you are just an innocent bystander? I think that the majority of people do. I think too many people are living unconsciously. Anybody remember the commercials with the miserable guy saying "Got to make the donuts' ? We go through the motions in exercise programs, work a job we don't like for years and years, have relationships and marriages crumble around us, we become disconnected from our children, have friends fall to the wayside, and eat unhealthy foods in a robotic fashion. We turn a blind eye to poverty, violence, disasters, and kids not being educated. We live by the Joseph Stalin quote "The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic." We get overwhelmed by how much weight we have to lose, the staggering poverty numbers, or just by how busy we all are. To protect ourselves, we turn off that part of our brain that cares about these things and we just keep things status quo. It may not be the life we want, but it is the life we know and know what to expect out of. What will cause you to wake up? Too many people wait for something terrible to happen before they wake up and make a change. Don't wait on a heart attack before you start leading a healthy lifestyle. Don't wait on the divorce papers before you start paying attention to your spouse. Take action TODAY! Call that friend you haven't talked to since college. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Talk to your spouse without the TV, kids, iPods, cell phones, or computers distracting you. Go have some unstructured, goofy fun with your kids. Start that exercise program you keep putting off. Skip the drive thru and have a home cooked meal. Find a job that gets you fired up every day. If you are unhappy with your life, it is up to you to change it. Stop accepting having no energy, no hopes, no dreams. You should never stop dreaming. Get off the conveyor belt you are on and try something new. Wake up and live the life you want and deserve. As Featured On EzineArticles

The Worst Fitness Ideas of All Time

Now for your reading pleasure the American Council on Exercise's (ACE) top 5 worst fitness ideas of all time and my comments on each. 1. Dehydration A common, pre-20th century belief was that you should withhold water or you'd get too heavy or sick. Some people still try to dehydrate themselves and believe they are losing weight. I know some weight based athletes (jockeys, fighters, wrestlers) do it before a weigh-in, but you will still see people in sauna suits to this day. They are an ineffective technique at best and very dangerous at their worst. As soon as you drink some water, all that weight is coming back. You want to lose fat, not water. Plus it is hard to look cool when it appears you are wearing a garbage bag. 2. Recreational drug use during competition- In 1869 cyclists were known to use ''speed balls'' of heroin and cocaine to increase endurance. The use of caffeine, alcohol, nitroglycerin, ether, strychnine and opium also was common among athletes in the late 19th century. 1869? I would have though this happened in 1969. 3. All-potato diet- Early 20th century scientist Horace Fletcher pushed this, along with excessive mastication of food - ''chewing your way to health.'' When I lived in Ireland I pretty much did this diet. Not recommended. I chewed may way through a lot of potatoes and a loss of a lot of muscle that's about it. 4. Physics for the bowels- Applied by early 18th-century British trainers. Not touching this one. Literally. 5. Vibrating belts- Proponents claimed would shake weight off. Remember seeing these? They are trying to make a comeback. For those times when the Shake Weight is just too much of a hassle, just put on your Shake Belt. If this worked, then riding in a bumpy car would be awesome for you. What's the weirdest one you've seen or tried? You can pretend it was your friend and not you that did it.

Arky Shea’s Journey to Buffness


Arky Shea on 3/17/2012

  Above you see a picture of my man Arky Shea. Who is this mystery man with the made up sounding name? A legend in the making is who he is. For now he is the host of The Sports Flood with Arky Shea from 10:00-12:00 on Saturdays on 97.7 The Zone in Huntsville, AL. He is also the on-line content manager for the popular sports morning show also on 97.7 The Zone The Cubelic and the Kid Show (weekdays 6-10am). Arky graduated from Buckhorn High School in New Market, AL. From there he went on to become "the voice of Montevallo athletics" while, you may have guessed this part, attending the University of Montevallo. Which makes sense, considering he was majoring in Mass Communications and Journalism. Growing up he was always one of the "huskier" kids. He knew it was a time for a change, when walking by a mirror recently and caught a glimpse of how overweight he had become. That was his "rock bottom" moment where he decided to do something about it. The years of college style eating and inactivity had caught up to him and things finally came to a head. For anyone who has made a dramatic change in their life, there comes a time when you have to draw a line in the sand and say "No more". Refuse to accept the way of life you are living. Refuse to be sick, tired, and depressed all the time. Refuse to continue destroying your body by the way you live. I went through a moment like that myself. I was 50 pounds overweight and had just had surgery on my wrist that would put me in a cast from my elbow all the way past my thumb for 6 months. Half a year in a cast is not a good prognosis. It was a crossroads for me. It was continue to get more and more overweight and out of shape or do something. I did something and will never go back. Ever. My favorite radio show is the aforementioned Cubelic and the Kid. If you've never checked it out, you are missing out. A great mix of sports and comedy, that works beautifully together. Any way, one day they had Suzanne Ramsden from Maverick Training Center (top notch martial arts facility in Huntsville) on the show. AS part of the show, Suzanne choked Arky out and the guys tweeted out his picture. It was clear Arky needed a friend. Don't let me paint this picture of a sad sack, woe is me type of guy. Arky is a very sharp witted, up beat kind of guy but he looked a little rough that day. I decided to get in touch with him and see if he was interested in trying out my book The 21 Day Tight and Toned Transformation. It just so happened that Arky was at his low moment at the time and he was ready to act. This is the first installment of Arky's journey. We took down his measurements, took the picture from above, and now he is ready to get some results. Arky was brave enough to announce his measurements on the radio show because he wants to be held accountable. He's in luck, that is my specialty. So I would love for you to follow along, encourage, offer help, whatever we can to help Arky out along this journey. Let's face it, he is at a very unhealthy weight and body fat percentage. He is young enough, that by acting now he can see huge benefits by doing something about it. So here are Arky's beginning numbers for the world to see. (Don't worry Arky, no one reads my stuff) Age-26 Weight-344 pounds Body fat-34.5% Waist-58 inches  

Stop eating CRAP!

I read about a good way to tell that you are eating the wrong stuff. Use the CRAP acronym (Craponym?) Here is the CRAP eating formula from a really smart guy named Brandon Alleman in this article ---->Why You Can't Lose Weight
C is for caffeine, cola, corn, candy. Caffeine in and of itself isn't terrible, it can actually boost performance. The problem is the carrier of the caffeine. Coffees with tons of sugar and calories, Cokes (I'm from the South I don't know what cola is) with the same, chocolate, etc... Cola I believe is some sort of Australian bear, not sure.
Corn, little surprising huh? Alleman's reasons are: corn is universally contaminated, many people are intolerant to corn, it is almost completely genetically modified (if you haven't heard of GMF-genetically modified foods, pretty scary stuff), and is nutritionally bankrupt. He also said that corn is found in batteries and diapers. I thought, isn't that disgusting, then I realized he meant the diapers are made of corn not that corn was actually in said diaper. Sorry I've seen the movie Friday too many times and also changed a few diapers in my day. I've been warped.
R is for Refined food, and white Rice. This stuff is basically sugar. This is not refined like a dude who wears a monocle and a top hat, these foods are more the guys on meth on a Greyhound bus.
A is for additives and alcohol. If Johnny Number 5 only knew how much Yellow number 5 we are eating these days he would Short Circuit. Oh see how I worked a classic movie title in there? Not gonna lie, pretty proud of that one. There are too many chemicals in food! Look at the ingredients some time. Why does a pretzel have so many ingredients? Shouldn't it be just salt, flour, and pretzel magic? Not good for you. To alcohol. The cause of and solution to all life's problems. Name that quote? Guarantee anyone related to me is all over this one.
You can check this link if you rally want to know who said that. ---> Quote
Alcohol is the king of the empty calorie, not to be confused with Budweiser's sham title the King of Beers. I never swore loyalty to that dude. Alcohol is a huge reason most people can't seem to lose weight.It's not just the tons of empty calories you take in, it's what it leads to. Poor food choices, inactivity the next day, getting poor sleep. Everything in moderation. Except burpees, take those in excess.
P is for processed foods and pasteurized dairy. Do you know why things are processed and pasteurized? You probably do. It's to keep them around longer! Is that what you want in your body? Take a look at some of the studies they have done on McDonald's Happy Meals and how long they last. Disturbing.
The point of all this was to give me a way to type crap as much as possible. Wait, no, the point was to drive home the point that you can not outrun your mouth. If you are not eating properly, you will never reach your goals. Point blank. Whether it is a weight loss or a performance based goal, you absolutely have to eat the right foods.

How I learned to be skinny in Ireland


Ireland Forever

I moved to Dublin for a summer without knowing a soul and barely having a plan. My plan was to stay in a hostel, find some kind of awesome Irish job, and then laugh all the way to the bank. So shortly after that I am stacking kegs and carrying pint glasses for a living in an Irish pub. Not the sweet job I had hoped for, but working was much better than staying in my hostel room with 20 Europeans who did not frequent the co-ed showers. Yeah, the co-ed shower part was not in the brochure. Quite the jolt early in the morning.
  So besides all the crazy things I got to do and see, I learned a few things about why you don't see many overweight Irish people. I hear things have changed since I was there, but in 1998 here is what I observed. 1. They walk everywhere I don't blame them, everyone drives on the wrong side of the road! Plus, Dublin is a very walker friendly city.  Want a weight loss secret? Move more than you sit. 2. They eat slow Not that they chew slow, but they are usually busy actually conversing. Laughing, telling stories, singing, etc... Meals take a lot longer and are a whole lot more fun. 3. A lot of the food is terrible Seriously. Hard to eat to much when you don't enjoy the food. I made the mistake of wandering into McCary's (thinking it was a McDonald's). Had the golden arches and everything, but I think the burger was made of ground leprechaun. Yuck... The thing I started doing is just using food as fuel, not a way to make myself happy. 4. They drink Guinness Guinness used to be given to pregnant women, nursing mothers, and post op patients because they it was high in iron. An old Irish dude told me "There's eating and drinking going on in this pint." Not too sure about all that, but Guinness has been proven to reduce heart attack risk by preventing heart clots. Also, it is lower in calorie than you think. 5. Fast food not as often Whenever I went into a fast food place (I was desperate! Have you ever seen blood pudding?) it would be 95% tourists. The locals were immune to the horrendous, boiled things being served so they didn't need to escape from that nastiness. 6. Access to affordable, fresh produce I was making the equivalent to about 4 dollars an hour. Not much in a big city like Dublin, but I could still afford to get fresh fruits and vegetables from the Farmer's Markets they would have every few blocks.   What's the take away? You have to bloom where you are planted. Look for a way to live a healthy lifestyle no matter where you are. No excuses, if you want it bad enough you can figure it out.

Every person should own this


The best and worst thing your IT bands will ever encounter

I am a huge proponent of using foam rollers. They are perfect for not only soothing sore muscles, but also for preventing injuries. In my opinion everybody should own one and use it daily. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel by spending 10 minutes a day rolling on a tube. The foam roller I use is from Perform Better. If you need one, I recommend the 3 foot long and 6 inches round one. They are currently $19.95, so the price is hard to beat. The thing will last forever too. Here is a link to Perform Better's foam roller. Perform Better Also, if you have a foam roller and are unsure exactly what to do. Here is a link to an exercise sheet to give you some ideas. Foam Roller Exercise sheet

World Burpee Flash Mob Huntsville Alabama

This is what happens when you take Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp and friends out in public. Burpees are going to (more…)
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