Arky Shea on 3/17/2012

  Above you see a picture of my man Arky Shea. Who is this mystery man with the made up sounding name? A legend in the making is who he is. For now he is the host of The Sports Flood with Arky Shea from 10:00-12:00 on Saturdays on 97.7 The Zone in Huntsville, AL. He is also the on-line content manager for the popular sports morning show also on 97.7 The Zone The Cubelic and the Kid Show (weekdays 6-10am). Arky graduated from Buckhorn High School in New Market, AL. From there he went on to become "the voice of Montevallo athletics" while, you may have guessed this part, attending the University of Montevallo. Which makes sense, considering he was majoring in Mass Communications and Journalism. Growing up he was always one of the "huskier" kids. He knew it was a time for a change, when walking by a mirror recently and caught a glimpse of how overweight he had become. That was his "rock bottom" moment where he decided to do something about it. The years of college style eating and inactivity had caught up to him and things finally came to a head. For anyone who has made a dramatic change in their life, there comes a time when you have to draw a line in the sand and say "No more". Refuse to accept the way of life you are living. Refuse to be sick, tired, and depressed all the time. Refuse to continue destroying your body by the way you live. I went through a moment like that myself. I was 50 pounds overweight and had just had surgery on my wrist that would put me in a cast from my elbow all the way past my thumb for 6 months. Half a year in a cast is not a good prognosis. It was a crossroads for me. It was continue to get more and more overweight and out of shape or do something. I did something and will never go back. Ever. My favorite radio show is the aforementioned Cubelic and the Kid. If you've never checked it out, you are missing out. A great mix of sports and comedy, that works beautifully together. Any way, one day they had Suzanne Ramsden from Maverick Training Center (top notch martial arts facility in Huntsville) on the show. AS part of the show, Suzanne choked Arky out and the guys tweeted out his picture. It was clear Arky needed a friend. Don't let me paint this picture of a sad sack, woe is me type of guy. Arky is a very sharp witted, up beat kind of guy but he looked a little rough that day. I decided to get in touch with him and see if he was interested in trying out my book The 21 Day Tight and Toned Transformation. It just so happened that Arky was at his low moment at the time and he was ready to act. This is the first installment of Arky's journey. We took down his measurements, took the picture from above, and now he is ready to get some results. Arky was brave enough to announce his measurements on the radio show because he wants to be held accountable. He's in luck, that is my specialty. So I would love for you to follow along, encourage, offer help, whatever we can to help Arky out along this journey. Let's face it, he is at a very unhealthy weight and body fat percentage. He is young enough, that by acting now he can see huge benefits by doing something about it. So here are Arky's beginning numbers for the world to see. (Don't worry Arky, no one reads my stuff) Age-26 Weight-344 pounds Body fat-34.5% Waist-58 inches