I read about a good way to tell that you are eating the wrong stuff. Use the CRAP acronym (Craponym?) Here is the CRAP eating formula from a really smart guy named Brandon Alleman in this article ---->Why You Can't Lose Weight
C is for caffeine, cola, corn, candy. Caffeine in and of itself isn't terrible, it can actually boost performance. The problem is the carrier of the caffeine. Coffees with tons of sugar and calories, Cokes (I'm from the South I don't know what cola is) with the same, chocolate, etc... Cola I believe is some sort of Australian bear, not sure.
Corn, little surprising huh? Alleman's reasons are: corn is universally contaminated, many people are intolerant to corn, it is almost completely genetically modified (if you haven't heard of GMF-genetically modified foods, pretty scary stuff), and is nutritionally bankrupt. He also said that corn is found in batteries and diapers. I thought, isn't that disgusting, then I realized he meant the diapers are made of corn not that corn was actually in said diaper. Sorry I've seen the movie Friday too many times and also changed a few diapers in my day. I've been warped.
R is for Refined food, and white Rice. This stuff is basically sugar. This is not refined like a dude who wears a monocle and a top hat, these foods are more the guys on meth on a Greyhound bus.
A is for additives and alcohol. If Johnny Number 5 only knew how much Yellow number 5 we are eating these days he would Short Circuit. Oh see how I worked a classic movie title in there? Not gonna lie, pretty proud of that one. There are too many chemicals in food! Look at the ingredients some time. Why does a pretzel have so many ingredients? Shouldn't it be just salt, flour, and pretzel magic? Not good for you. To alcohol. The cause of and solution to all life's problems. Name that quote? Guarantee anyone related to me is all over this one.
You can check this link if you rally want to know who said that. ---> Quote
Alcohol is the king of the empty calorie, not to be confused with Budweiser's sham title the King of Beers. I never swore loyalty to that dude. Alcohol is a huge reason most people can't seem to lose weight.It's not just the tons of empty calories you take in, it's what it leads to. Poor food choices, inactivity the next day, getting poor sleep. Everything in moderation. Except burpees, take those in excess.
P is for processed foods and pasteurized dairy. Do you know why things are processed and pasteurized? You probably do. It's to keep them around longer! Is that what you want in your body? Take a look at some of the studies they have done on McDonald's Happy Meals and how long they last. Disturbing.
The point of all this was to give me a way to type crap as much as possible. Wait, no, the point was to drive home the point that you can not outrun your mouth. If you are not eating properly, you will never reach your goals. Point blank. Whether it is a weight loss or a performance based goal, you absolutely have to eat the right foods.