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Arky Shea’s Journey to Buffness Part Two


What you find when you Google "Arky picture". Who knew?

  For those of you who are following along with Arky Shea, I have an update for you. If you are unfamiliar with his story, you can read the full deal here Arky Shea intro. The basic story is, Arky is a young guy who realized he was living a really unhealthy lifestyle and decided to make a change. I have been there to offer a little guidance and help him change over to a new healthy style of living. He weighed in then got his body fat and waist size measured. After 40 days we checked on his numbers again and we were pleased with his progress. -Lost 18 pounds -Lost 3 inches off his waist -Lost 1% body fat Those numbers are really impressive, especially considering he wasn't on any kind of structured exercise program. The first phase we just worked on getting healthier, especially on the nutrition side of things. The best thing he did for himself was completely cut out liquid calories. No soda, juice, Gatorade, etc... Just water. That alone could really help anybody drop weight and vastly improve their health. The second phase is starting now and it involves a more structured exercise plan. Arky is going to follow my 21 Day tight and Toned Transformation plan. It is actually on sale right now, just in case anybody wants to follow along with Arky as he goes about dominating his fat. These will be workouts that require only a deck of cards, a jump rope, and some paper plates to perform, with no workout lasting longer than 30 minutes. Also, he will be following the 21 Fat Loss Laws of Success that are included in the plan. The Fat Loss Laws will be the key to successfully dropping the amount of fat we are looking to drop. In the first phase his body fat did not drop as much as he was hoping for, but it did go down. I expect more fat to come off of him this go around. Keep supporting my man Arky Shea and I look forward to seeing how well he can do on this fat loss jump start plan!

The 5 reasons you gained weight


This thing tells horrible lies about me

If you've gained weight it is probably due to 1 or more common factors. These factors include: -Lifestyle -Metabolic -Aging -Addictive eating -Emotional eating   Lifestyle weight gain is probably the most common one. It is the combination of too much eating and not enough exercising. Too many calories coming in, not enough going out. The fix for this one is obviously to get more active and make better food choices. Metabolic weight gain may have happened to you if you were eating the same amount of calories you always have, but then all of a sudden you are gaining weight. Your metabolism took a nose dive into Lake Makeamefat. Hormones, inactivity, and other factors can slow your metabolism to a grinding halt and make you awesome at storing fat. The exercises we do at boot camp and I personally do are specifically designed to kick the metabolism into overdrive and strip the fat away. Aging weight gain you will see in many seniors due to loss of lean muscle mass. That is why it is so important for people of all ages and sexes to do strength training. The more lean muscle mass you carry, the more calories you burn at rest. That is why guys can drop pounds easier than women. More muscle. Addictive eating or compulsive eating is a serious condition that can be responsible for weight gain. Sometimes it is certain foods that can cause you to go off. For me it is sweets. I just can't turn them down, so I have to keep them out of the house. If you find that you are eating uncontrollably several times a week, you might need some professional assistance. Emotional eating is also extremely common and a big cause for weight gain. The emotion causing the eating isn't always sad, it can be stressed, happy/celebratory, angry, and whatever emotion you can think of. Keep a food journal and write down how you are feeling when you eat. Look back through to see if there is an emotional eating pattern you can correct.

Overcoming the dreaded weight loss plateau


No wonder I can't lose weight!

      You're going along great, you lost 20 pounds, and next thing you know... nothing. It can be one or a combination of things causing this. See if any of these look familar.  1. Loss of lean muscle mass-If your exercise program consists primarily of long, extended cardio exercise this could be why you quit losing weight. The more muscle mass you have the more calories you are burning while at rest. 2. Can't keep up the pace-I call this The Biggest Loser effect. If you've never seen that show, the contestants are put through a crazy amount of workouts, fed all the right foods, and they do great. Have you heard about what happens to a many of the participants after the show? Many of them gain back the weight they lost on the show because it is hard to keep up. I see people all the time that put themselves on a crazy exercise and nutrition program. Working out twice a day every day, eating absolutely perfect, etc... They are losing weight, doing great, and then it just wears them down. 3. Frustrated by plateaus- Have you got to that weight or size that you just can't seem to improve? Everybody does and this is where many people get frustrated and give up. It is hard, but you can break through. This is what separates the people who have short term success from the people who keep making progress. Do not give up just because you reached a plateau.  4. Body adapts-Have you been doing the exact same thing for years? Something has to change. The exercises you do, your pace, the amount of weight you are using, your intensity, etc... You have to be constantly challenging your body. 5. Restricted calories-People who severely restrict calories will lose weight for awhile, but then they gain it all back plus a few more. For one, they lose their lean muscle mass as discussed earlier. When your thinks you are starving it, it will begin to store any calories you take in as fat. It doesn't know when you will eat again, so your body wants to keep something for the rough times. Another reason restricted caloric intake is bad, is because you will not be getting the necessary vitamins and nutrients needed to support your body and any exercise program you might be on.

No regrets


Research shows that 75% of people name their biggest regrets in life as the things they didn't do in life...not the things they did. So...

"Go to the effort. Invest the time. Write the letter. Make the apology. Take the trip. Purchase the gift. Do it. The seized opportunity renders joy. The neglected brings regret." -Max Lucado

Take a look around at a lot of our older population. There are too many people that are bed ridden and pill riddled. Don't let that be you!

Next time you don't feel like working out, think of the person in the wheelchair who would give anything to complain about running or lifting weights.

Think about not just living longer, but better, healthier, stronger. Who wants to live stuck in a bed or chair? That is not living, that's just surviving.

Stop eating the junk food.

Use proper portion control when you eat, especially if you eat out a lot.

Cut down on alcohol intake.

Do your cardiovascular training to keep your heart and lungs strong.

Do strength training so you'll be able to stay lean and take care of yourself in your later years.

Cut out cigarettes completely.

Stretch or do yoga to keep your body limber, so you'll be that spry old person people are amazed by.

It's never too early or too late to start getting healthy, but the earlier you start the easier it is. Along the way you might just start looking better, but don't let that be your only motivation.

Exercise is as close to a miracle drug as you can get. Legally...

What is it you really want to do? Why aren't you doing it? Live without regret!

Change your mind set to change your body


This picture is what is known as foreshadowing

      Time to check in on those Resolutions you made at the beginning of the year. Was one of your goals to lose weight this year?   Answer this question honestly. Am I slowly losing weight, staying the same, or am I slowly gaining weight?   It’s time to change your mind set about your goals if you are in the last two categories. If you thought “Lose 30 pounds” sounded like a nice goal, that is not good enough. You need a compelling reason WHY you need to reach that goal. Maybe it’s because you went to the beach and felt self conscious about your body. Maybe you stood up before school, your jeans ripped to shreds, and you had to give a speech in front of your Psychology class that day. As a totally made up example that never happened to me my senior year in high school. Could be you just don’t feel good at your current weight.   Whatever it is, you need something that DRIVES you to reach your goals. What’s going to get you through your workout when you’re tired, hot, busy,etc…? It’s not going to be “Lose 30 pounds”. For example, who do you think is going to stick to their workout plan. The person who said "I want to lose 30 pounds" or the person that says "I'm going to lose this weight because I want to be around to see my kids grow up"? Whatever your goals is, find that personal, compelling reason that will propel you to success. Don't dwell on the past, it is time start fresh right now with your new mind set., and really go after those goals.  

5 ways to beat fatigue


Did this picture make you yawn? You need more oxygen.

      Do you know what one of the most common reasons people cite for going to the doctor? Fatigue. A lot of us just do not have any energy.   Here are 5 ways you can help rid yourself of fatigue and get more energized. 1. Take some deep breaths. Sometimes your blood doesn't have enough oxygen and too much carbon monoxide, which makes you tired and increases blood pressure and heart rate. 2. Move more. Desk jobs can be exhausting. When your body sits still for long periods of time it thinks it is nappy time. Every 30 minutes get up and walk around, or at the very least do some stretching. 3. Stop skipping breakfast. I should be a lobbyist for Big Breakfast as much as I am always talking about eating breakfast. Eating breakfast will not only jumpstart your metabolism, but also give you sustainable energy throughout the day. By the way, if you are factoring cheat meals into your nutrition plan a skipped meal counts as a cheat. 4. Stop slouching. Your mama told you to stand up straight, we all know that. But slouching can be a real problem though. It causes the whole body to have to work harder and can put excess strain on your hips and lower back. Plus you look taller and thinner when you stand straight up. My younger brother came home from Marine boot camp a few years ago and looked 6 inches taller. Ask my mom some time, it was amazing. Nearly every job revolves around the computer these days, so bad posture is getting more and more common. Tip-your ears should be lined up with your shoulders when you have good posture.   5. Be quiet! Noise=stress. If you are fighting noise all day long it is going to take a toll on your body. I don't see how daycare workers do it. Get some noise canceling headphones, duct tape your kids' mouths shut, do something where you can have a little peace and quiet. Your body will thank you.

It’s the big day, “The Wellness Code” is finally here! Get your bonuses TODAY!


Don't believe signs, you can't click to look inside.

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Trans fat make you fat

Have you heard of trans fat? You probably have since they are measured on your food lables, but what are they? I failed chemistry in college, but let me take a crack at it. Food manufacturers take a good fat ( the unsaturated fat) and an extra hydrogen atom to it through a process called hydrogenation. So you've probably seen hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated foods. They are not good for you. Food manufacturers do this to increase shelf life and to make a more desirable product. Anything that is built to sit longer on a shelf you don't want! Or it might make a shelf out of your rump. No idea what that means, but I’m going with it.  Besides making you fatter it clogs your arteries, increases LDL cholesterol (AKA the Bad cholesterol), decreases HDL (the good cholesterol). All of that will increase your risk of heart disease. Trans fat consumption has also been linked to: cancer, diabetes, liver dysfunction, depression, and Alzheimer’s.   So now you know. Now here is what you need to look at. The top 10 WORST Trans Fat Foods in the Supermarket courtesy of Eat This Not That.   10. Pillsbury White Chunk Macadamia Nut Big Deluxe Classics 9. Pasta Roni Fettuccine Alfredo 8. Jimmy Dean Sausage, egg, and cheese croissant sandwich (I thought we all agreed to call those croissanwiches) 7. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (D'oh! How many of you have that in the pantry?) 6. Pillsbury Perfect Portions Buttermilk Biscuits 5. Austin Cheese Crackers with Cheddar Jack Cheese (crackers are secretly one of the worst things you can eat) 4. Pillsbury Grands! Flaky Supreme Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls with icing 3. Celeste Original Pizza For One 2. Pop-Secret Kettle Corn  1. THE WORST OF ALL is...................... Drake's Cherry Fruit Pie! It has 4 days worth of trans fats in ONE pie! Dust that shelf off!   So look through your foods and throw out the trans fat filled items.  

Vending machine violence and a pizza eating contest


I was sad, but all this pizza makes me very happy.

Can you name the number one reason diets fail? Emotional eating. Just think about the times you have gone on a binge or the last time you ate something that wasn't on your plan. You may have been bored, happy, anxious, sad, lonely some kind of emotion. Boredom is an especially bad one that people don't think about being a problem. The thing is we expect food to make us feel better, we eat a whole pizza, and now we're so full the stomach is about to burst and our problems are still there. Not a good way to deal with things. Dealing with emotional eating is tough because so much of it occurs on a subconscious level. Think about the food you tend to turn to when you're upset. It is probably something that makes you think about a happier time in your life to try to replicate that time. Like I have said before, you need to be "in the moment" when you are eating. Three things you can try in the future are:   1. If you turn to sweets, get a healthier sweet treat as your emotional go to food. Instead of brownies and ice cream, try some whipped cream sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs and cinnamon. Unless you are feeding a tiger. Tigers hate cinnamon. 2. Keep the junk food out of the house! Out of your desk at work! Break the vending machine at work (Joe Martin is not to be held liable for any vending machine related damages)! Guess what? If you don't have junk food, you can't eat it. I am a genius. 3. Next time you do overeat (it is going to happen, we all do it) here is what you do. Sounds like a sicko thing to tell someone to do, but there we go. Say you went to CiCi's in Auburn, even though you are getting an exercise related degree, you got into an eating contest, and ate 25 pieces of pizza. Really focus on how terrible you feel. The stomach pain, the lethargy, the pizza sauce on your shirt, and how you should have never done that. Put that in your memory banks and it will really slow you down next time. I know I've never done that again. I mean, the guy in the made up scenario has never done that again.   In your food diaries (that I know you all keep) make a note of how you felt when you got a little crazy with your eating. It can lead to pinpointing what triggers your emotional eating and when you know that you can figure out ways to combat those binges.    
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