I was sad, but all this pizza makes me very happy.

Can you name the number one reason diets fail? Emotional eating. Just think about the times you have gone on a binge or the last time you ate something that wasn't on your plan. You may have been bored, happy, anxious, sad, lonely some kind of emotion. Boredom is an especially bad one that people don't think about being a problem. The thing is we expect food to make us feel better, we eat a whole pizza, and now we're so full the stomach is about to burst and our problems are still there. Not a good way to deal with things. Dealing with emotional eating is tough because so much of it occurs on a subconscious level. Think about the food you tend to turn to when you're upset. It is probably something that makes you think about a happier time in your life to try to replicate that time. Like I have said before, you need to be "in the moment" when you are eating. Three things you can try in the future are:   1. If you turn to sweets, get a healthier sweet treat as your emotional go to food. Instead of brownies and ice cream, try some whipped cream sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs and cinnamon. Unless you are feeding a tiger. Tigers hate cinnamon. 2. Keep the junk food out of the house! Out of your desk at work! Break the vending machine at work (Joe Martin is not to be held liable for any vending machine related damages)! Guess what? If you don't have junk food, you can't eat it. I am a genius. 3. Next time you do overeat (it is going to happen, we all do it) here is what you do. Sounds like a sicko thing to tell someone to do, but there we go. Say you went to CiCi's in Auburn, even though you are getting an exercise related degree, you got into an eating contest, and ate 25 pieces of pizza. Really focus on how terrible you feel. The stomach pain, the lethargy, the pizza sauce on your shirt, and how you should have never done that. Put that in your memory banks and it will really slow you down next time. I know I've never done that again. I mean, the guy in the made up scenario has never done that again.   In your food diaries (that I know you all keep) make a note of how you felt when you got a little crazy with your eating. It can lead to pinpointing what triggers your emotional eating and when you know that you can figure out ways to combat those binges.