Did this picture make you yawn? You need more oxygen.

      Do you know what one of the most common reasons people cite for going to the doctor? Fatigue. A lot of us just do not have any energy.   Here areĀ 5 ways you can help rid yourself of fatigue and get more energized. 1. Take some deep breaths. Sometimes your blood doesn't have enough oxygen and too much carbon monoxide, which makes you tired and increases blood pressure and heart rate. 2. Move more. Desk jobs can be exhausting. When your body sits still for long periods of time it thinks it is nappy time. Every 30 minutes get up and walk around, or at the very least do some stretching. 3. Stop skipping breakfast. I should be a lobbyist for Big Breakfast as much as I am always talking about eating breakfast. Eating breakfast will not only jumpstart your metabolism, but also give you sustainable energy throughout the day. By the way, if you are factoring cheat meals into your nutrition plan a skipped meal counts as a cheat. 4. Stop slouching. Your mama told you to stand up straight, we all know that. But slouching can be a real problem though. It causes the whole body to have to work harder and can put excess strain on your hips and lower back. Plus you look taller and thinner when you stand straight up. My younger brother came home from Marine boot camp a few years ago and looked 6 inches taller. Ask my mom some time, it was amazing. Nearly every job revolves around the computer these days, so bad posture is getting more and more common. Tip-your ears should be lined up with your shoulders when you have good posture.   5. Be quiet! Noise=stress. If you are fighting noise all day long it is going to take a toll on your body. I don't see how daycare workers do it. Get some noise canceling headphones, duct tape your kids' mouths shut, do something where you can have a little peace and quiet. Your body will thank you.