Research shows that 75% of people name their biggest regrets in life as the things they didn't do in life...not the things they did. So...

"Go to the effort. Invest the time. Write the letter. Make the apology. Take the trip. Purchase the gift. Do it. The seized opportunity renders joy. The neglected brings regret." -Max Lucado

Take a look around at a lot of our older population. There are too many people that are bed ridden and pill riddled. Don't let that be you!

Next time you don't feel like working out, think of the person in the wheelchair who would give anything to complain about running or lifting weights.

Think about not just living longer, but better, healthier, stronger. Who wants to live stuck in a bed or chair? That is not living, that's just surviving.

Stop eating the junk food.

Use proper portion control when you eat, especially if you eat out a lot.

Cut down on alcohol intake.

Do your cardiovascular training to keep your heart and lungs strong.

Do strength training so you'll be able to stay lean and take care of yourself in your later years.

Cut out cigarettes completely.

Stretch or do yoga to keep your body limber, so you'll be that spry old person people are amazed by.

It's never too early or too late to start getting healthy, but the earlier you start the easier it is. Along the way you might just start looking better, but don't let that be your only motivation.

Exercise is as close to a miracle drug as you can get. Legally...

What is it you really want to do? Why aren't you doing it? Live without regret!