This thing tells horrible lies about me

If you've gained weight it is probably due to 1 or more common factors. These factors include: -Lifestyle -Metabolic -Aging -Addictive eating -Emotional eating   Lifestyle weight gain is probably the most common one. It is the combination of too much eating and not enough exercising. Too many calories coming in, not enough going out. The fix for this one is obviously to get more active and make better food choices. Metabolic weight gain may have happened to you if you were eating the same amount of calories you always have, but then all of a sudden you are gaining weight. Your metabolism took a nose dive into Lake Makeamefat. Hormones, inactivity, and other factors can slow your metabolism to a grinding halt and make you awesome at storing fat. The exercises we do at boot camp and I personally do are specifically designed to kick the metabolism into overdrive and strip the fat away. Aging weight gain you will see in many seniors due to loss of lean muscle mass. That is why it is so important for people of all ages and sexes to do strength training. The more lean muscle mass you carry, the more calories you burn at rest. That is why guys can drop pounds easier than women. More muscle. Addictive eating or compulsive eating is a serious condition that can be responsible for weight gain. Sometimes it is certain foods that can cause you to go off. For me it is sweets. I just can't turn them down, so I have to keep them out of the house. If you find that you are eating uncontrollably several times a week, you might need some professional assistance. Emotional eating is also extremely common and a big cause for weight gain. The emotion causing the eating isn't always sad, it can be stressed, happy/celebratory, angry, and whatever emotion you can think of. Keep a food journal and write down how you are feeling when you eat. Look back through to see if there is an emotional eating pattern you can correct.