What you find when you Google "Arky picture". Who knew?

  For those of you who are following along with Arky Shea, I have an update for you. If you are unfamiliar with his story, you can read the full deal here Arky Shea intro. The basic story is, Arky is a young guy who realized he was living a really unhealthy lifestyle and decided to make a change. I have been there to offer a little guidance and help him change over to a new healthy style of living. He weighed in then got his body fat and waist size measured. After 40 days we checked on his numbers again and we were pleased with his progress. -Lost 18 pounds -Lost 3 inches off his waist -Lost 1% body fat Those numbers are really impressive, especially considering he wasn't on any kind of structured exercise program. The first phase we just worked on getting healthier, especially on the nutrition side of things. The best thing he did for himself was completely cut out liquid calories. No soda, juice, Gatorade, etc... Just water. That alone could really help anybody drop weight and vastly improve their health. The second phase is starting now and it involves a more structured exercise plan. Arky is going to follow my 21 Day tight and Toned Transformation plan. It is actually on sale right now, just in case anybody wants to follow along with Arky as he goes about dominating his fat. These will be workouts that require only a deck of cards, a jump rope, and some paper plates to perform, with no workout lasting longer than 30 minutes. Also, he will be following the 21 Fat Loss Laws of Success that are included in the plan. The Fat Loss Laws will be the key to successfully dropping the amount of fat we are looking to drop. In the first phase his body fat did not drop as much as he was hoping for, but it did go down. I expect more fat to come off of him this go around. Keep supporting my man Arky Shea and I look forward to seeing how well he can do on this fat loss jump start plan!