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Faucets determine your fat loss


Too much faucet, not enough drain


You are probably not a fan of being called a tub of anything, but all of us are tubs of stress.


What is a tub of stress? This is a mental image I learned from Racheal Cosgrove.


All of us have different faucets and drains. Your faucets are things that fill your tub with stress. Kids, money problems, relationships, etc...


Some people have more faucets than others and they are all on different speeds. Some of you have a few faucets that are slowly dripping or trickling in, while some of you have several faucets on full blast!


You know what happens when the tub overflows? You get sick, you have a mental breakdown, etc...


The key to managing stress is to recognize when you are getting too full and put in some drains.


Your drains are what you use to de-stress your life. Exercise is a good one, but can also become a faucet in itself.


So you need to find several drains to get that stress out. Listen to music, read a book, get a punching bag, find something that keeps you from spilling over the edge.


When your body is stressed out, you WILL NOT lose fat and you WILL NOT build any of the lean muscle mass you need to increase your metabolism.

Your job is to figure out what your faucets are, how much they are on, and find the drains to get rid of them. If you have been doing all the right things (eating right, exercising, etc...) and not getting results, this might be the the key for you to start getting the results you deserve.


Boot camp with child care this summer


Duct tape really can fix anything

  This summer we are going to attempt something new. Child care while mom is at boot camp. Here is the nutshell version of what we will offer:  
Where-Maverick Training Center. Mom will be in one room, kids in another.
When- Starting for that camp that begins on May 28th and meets on MWF from 9-10am
What-Exercise class for with child care provided for a fee of $30 (less than 3 dollars per hour) per child per 4 week class.
Limited to the first 10 children who get registered.
Kids will be kept active while mom gets her sweat on.
Register yourself first at  -->Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp
If you would like the child care option, contact me directly at either or 256.468.7146 to reserve your child a spot.

15 Minute Workout Challenge (video)

  Healthy Huntsville has started doing a series of video challenges. I personally did Mitzi's yoga challenge as well as Crossfit Impulse's 90 second burpee challenge. On the yoga challenge, I'm not sure what is good but I'm pretty sure I wasn't it. You should check it out and try yourself, showed me something I need to work on. The 90 second burpee challenge was more what I am used to. I got in 36, not too pleased with what I feel is a pretty average number. In my defense though, I had just finished a pretty spirited game of croquet right before I did the challenge. So I wanted to offer up a challenge as well. In the first week of each boot camp at Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp we have a personal challenge day. We do the same test the last week of camp. Just a way to show them just how far they have come in four weeks. We have seen some amazing leaps in fitness levels in a short amount of time. The video is of one we did a few months ago. It's pretty rough on me, maybe you will do better. You set a clock for 15 minutes, every exercise is 15 repetitions, and you will do as many rounds as possible for the following exercises: -Pushups -Burpees -Bodyweight squats -Shoulder press right -Shoulder press left -Squat and row -Pike pushups -Mountain climbers The best I could do is 5 complete rounds in the allotted time. I used 35 pound weights, but feel free to scale up or down as needed. For your first time going through, I would recommend going lighter than you think you should use. These start adding up pretty quick. The first round took me about 90 seconds, then it was all downhill from there. How many rounds can you do? I guarantee most of you can smoke me.

15 minute workout challenge

A Healthy Huntsville challenge from Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp ( Set a timer for 15 minutes, doing 15 repetitions on (more…)

Crazy people in the gym


Oh no he's headed towards the inner thigh machine!

  One of the main reasons I started a boot camp for women only is because many women are not comfortable in the gym setting. I have been in gyms my whole life and have been ensconced amongst the unique species that inhabit this place. Some call me Gym Goodall... Have you recovered from that hilarity? Anyway, I have put together a collection of my studies from over the years. These are characteristics I have observed of these different people in their natural habitat. No wonder so many women do not like the gym.   Oblivious iPod man- This is the guy that has no idea that he is talking extremely loud because he is listening to music. "YEAH I'M DOING GREAT. JUST GOT MY COLONOSCOPY. CLEAN AS A WHISTLE!" This guy can also be the guy that farts and has no idea that people can hear him. Usually passes gas in step with his pace on the treadmill. That one always makes me laugh, mainly because my maturity level never graduated from 2nd grade. Spandex man- Come on now, we don't need all that. And if you tuck your shirt into your Spandex you're just wrong man. I'm torn between wanting to fight this person, vomit, or give them a hug and find out what's wrong with them. The Sweaty Caveman- This is the guy that makes you think to yourself, "No wonder he's sweating so much, he's working out in a sweater." Then you realize it's a tank top and he's just really hairy. You do not want the machine he just got off of. Tommy Boy- This is the guy that likes to use as much weight as he can on every exercise, then proceed to move it 3-4 inches. He usually grunts, slams the weights around, and leans on the machines. He does all of this so you will look at how much weight he's using. Sometimes he just loads up all the plates and doesn't actually do anything. He is usually doing everything incorrect and likes to ask, "Do you know where the weight room is?" You don't have to answer, he'll check it out. Stuck in the 80's guy/gal- You can spot this guy or gal easy. The guy will have on those animal print pants that taper at the bottom (Zubaz if you must know), along with a Gold's Gym sweatshirt that has the sleeves cut off and usually the neck widened. He is guaranteed to ask someone how much they bench at sometime. The gal will have leotards and or leg warmers on. She will be listening to "Physical". Yes these people are actually out there. The Count- This is the guy that sounds like he is in a Lamaze class. He breathes really loud and loudly counts every rep in a shaky voice. "Wwwwwwwwwone, tttttttwwwooo…" Sometimes this is a close relative of Oblivious iPod man, Whatcha workin guy- This guy loves to find out what everyone is working out that day. He is guaranteed to use one or more of the following: pecs, lats, glutes, or deltoids. For some reason he usually has a headband on. Funkadelic- This is the worst person. The person who has BO or left sweaty clothes in the bottom of the gym bag over the weekend and decides they are still ok to work out in. You can spot them because their shirt will look like a road map with all the wrinkles in it and there is no one anywhere near him. Multiply the funk factor by 3 if the same guy is from Europe or a country ending in –stan. Also a risk for spreading staph infection, so stay away. A close relative is Too Much Perfume/Cologne Person. Right Said Fred- So sexy he has to always look at himself in the mirror. It's ok to check your form and all that when you are exercising, but I don't need to see you putting on a most muscular pose every 45 seconds there Ronnie Coleman. T-Mobile- The guy who calls people while he's working out. "No I'm at the gym! Can you believe it?"  Working out and talking on the phone do not mix, pick it up a notch if you are able to do this. Weekend Warrior- This is the guy that bathes in Ben Gay and or Icy Hot before coming to the gym. It is like working out inside a tin of Altoids when this guy comes in. On the plus side he cleans out your sinuses. The Trainer-this is the guy that goes around giving crappy advice. "Dude you wanna get huge? Well, you gotta start eating caviar. No dude it's true. I read it Muscle and Fitness. They say Arnold used eat it all the time." The Show Dog- The guy that lays out right in the middle of the busiest part of the weight room to stretch or do abs. Or the female that does the splits/spread eagle type stretches where she will get maximum exposure. Shawty- The dude with the tiny shorts. We've all seen him. Waaaaaay too much of him. If I can tell what religion you are, it's time to get some longer shorts. Accessory guy- iPod? check. Weight belt? check. Towel? check. Fanny pack? check. Gym bag? check. Wrist bands? check. Knee braces? check. All right now let's go walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes and pack it all back up. Misguided youth- The kid that usually is doing curls in the squat rack, getting crushed on the bench press, and flying off the back of a treadmill. Keep your head on a swivel around this kid or you could be hurt. Excessive nudity person- Enough already, put your towel on like the rest of us. Why does this person always feel the need to bend over all the time too? I walked around the corner and immediately ran up on this. To this day I am legally blind from the incident. The Hit Man-  A master at using a mirror to stare at you creepily. Will more than likely ask you how long you've been working out and then offer some advice.   I know many of you are have been to the gym and seen some rare and exotic things. What species have you observed?

Do you have that extra gear?


Not this one


Or even this one

    I have been a fitness professional for more than 12 years and I have noticed something time and time again. People who are able to get the best results have one thing in common. An extra gear. I'm not talking about speed or strength necessarily. I'm talking about the ability to dig down and keep pushing when every muscle in their body is telling them to stop. They can work through pain, sickness, fatigue, etc... They just keep showing up, never letting excuses rule their life. Here is my list of the top 3 types of people I have trained who are most likely to possess this extra gear. See if you can figure out which one is a little surprising. -Athletes (especially fighters) -Armed forces -Moms It's pretty weird that fighters are on there right? Oh and moms too. But if you really think about it, it makes perfect sense. These are all people who have been mentally, physically, and emotionally tested but still came out on top. If you ever run into a mom who is a fighter in the armed forces, be prepared for a battle. My question is this. If you are a mom and you are not happy with your body, what's holding you back? What could be worse than getting 2 hours a sleep per night and then listening to a tiny thing that excretes and cries all day? the 9 months leading up to the delivery of this thing perhaps? The Geneva Convention banned stuff like that being done to POWs. You've been through worse! This is your week moms. Time to take back your body and your life. It is time to go searching for that extra gear. You have it in you somewhere to achieve whatever it is you set your mind to. Go get it.

Farewell to Lance


Lance was always awesome around kids


This has nothing to do with fitness, nutrition, motivation, or any of the usual stuff I write about. Mainly it's just me saying goodbye to a significant part of our family, our dog Lance. If you're not an animal lover this will mean absolutely nothing to you, but if you do love animals you will feel where I'm coming from.


My wife and I met in Auburn because we lived in the same trailer park during college. Because true love is everywhere when you live in a place where homes can be put on a truck and hauled away.


We met, fell in love, and I gained a wife as well as my first dog. Never felt cooler than the first time we took a man's trip with him hanging his head out of the window of my truck while riding on the bench seat. I felt like I could have written a country song at any minute.


Just like with a lot of women, Lance was my wife's practice baby. He came with more instructions than a Gremlin and actually had equipment he traveled with if someone ever watched him.


Lance was the best. Never barked, never attacked, always happy, would rather die than pee in the house. The sweetest, most well-behaved dog and everybody loved him.


Fast forward to having a kid and Lance was demoted from first string and I started calling him SF, Second Fiddle.


Years go by fast man. We aren't sure how old Lance is. My wife got him from the pound when he was fairly young. Anyone who knows pound dogs knows they are great dogs, it's like they know that you helped them out. Our best guess is that Lance was about 15 or so.


These past few years he has been in a steady decline, getting slower and slower. His arthritis getting worse, he started losing control of his bladder and throwing up a lot. Tough to see.


So today I took him to the vet and was told it was time. Crazy the things that go through your head. I mean it's just a dog right? That's what I tried to tell myself, but I couldn't make it stick. What do you do when you know it's time to put your dog to sleep? What do your tell your son, who has literally had the dog in his life every day of his life?


All I could think to do was go for a ride with him. He was always happiest when he could have the windows down, face in the breeze, and slobber all over my car. So I took him to pick up my son from school. It was the only thing that had gotten any response out of him for days.  He even got a little bit of a dog smirk on his face and looked happy for a minute. Did he pee, slobber, shed, and throw up in my car? Sure did. But he also sat up with his tail wagging for the first time in days too.


To make sure my wife and son got to tell him goodbye we waited until tonight to have him put to sleep. Great to spend time with him, but torture to wait around all day with him in pain. I had a boot camp class to teach right before and it was tough to flip the switch and get ready to teach class. It's what professionals do though.


I'm going to miss the old fella, he was there for so many memories. This picture is how I will always remember him. Crammed into a super tight tuxedo for dogs that was clearly uncomfortable, but he aimed to please so he wore it with pride. RIP Lance, thanks buddy.

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