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    I have been a fitness professional for more than 12 years and I have noticed something time and time again. People who are able to get the best results have one thing in common. An extra gear. I'm not talking about speed or strength necessarily. I'm talking about the ability to dig down and keep pushing when every muscle in their body is telling them to stop. They can work through pain, sickness, fatigue, etc... They just keep showing up, never letting excuses rule their life. Here is my list of the top 3 types of people I have trained who are most likely to possess this extra gear. See if you can figure out which one is a little surprising. -Athletes (especially fighters) -Armed forces -Moms It's pretty weird that fighters are on there right? Oh and moms too. But if you really think about it, it makes perfect sense. These are all people who have been mentally, physically, and emotionally tested but still came out on top. If you ever run into a mom who is a fighter in the armed forces, be prepared for a battle. My question is this. If you are a mom and you are not happy with your body, what's holding you back? What could be worse than getting 2 hours a sleep per night and then listening to a tiny thing that excretes and cries all day? the 9 months leading up to the delivery of this thing perhaps? The Geneva Convention banned stuff like that being done to POWs. You've been through worse! This is your week moms. Time to take back your body and your life. It is time to go searching for that extra gear. You have it in you somewhere to achieve whatever it is you set your mind to. Go get it.