Healthy Huntsville has started doing a series of video challenges. I personally did Mitzi's yoga challenge as well as Crossfit Impulse's 90 second burpee challenge. On the yoga challenge, I'm not sure what is good but I'm pretty sure I wasn't it. You should check it out and try yourself, showed me something I need to work on. The 90 second burpee challenge was more what I am used to. I got in 36, not too pleased with what I feel is a pretty average number. In my defense though, I had just finished a pretty spirited game of croquet right before I did the challenge. So I wanted to offer up a challenge as well. In the first week of each boot camp at Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp we have a personal challenge day. We do the same test the last week of camp. Just a way to show them just how far they have come in four weeks. We have seen some amazing leaps in fitness levels in a short amount of time. The video is of one we did a few months ago. It's pretty rough on me, maybe you will do better. You set a clock for 15 minutes, every exercise is 15 repetitions, and you will do as many rounds as possible for the following exercises: -Pushups -Burpees -Bodyweight squats -Shoulder press right -Shoulder press left -Squat and row -Pike pushups -Mountain climbers The best I could do is 5 complete rounds in the allotted time. I used 35 pound weights, but feel free to scale up or down as needed. For your first time going through, I would recommend going lighter than you think you should use. These start adding up pretty quick. The first round took me about 90 seconds, then it was all downhill from there. How many rounds can you do? I guarantee most of you can smoke me.