Duct tape really can fix anything

  This summer we are going to attempt something new. Child care while mom is at boot camp. Here is the nutshell version of what we will offer:  
Where-Maverick Training Center. Mom will be in one room, kids in another.
When- Starting for that camp that begins on May 28th and meets on MWF from 9-10am
What-Exercise class for with child care provided for a fee of $30 (less than 3 dollars per hour) per child per 4 week class.
Limited to the first 10 children who get registered.
Kids will be kept active while mom gets her sweat on.
Register yourself first at  -->Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp
If you would like the child care option, contact me directly at either info@HuntsvilleBootCamp.com or 256.468.7146 to reserve your child a spot.