Too much faucet, not enough drain


You are probably not a fan of being called a tub of anything, but all of us are tubs of stress.


What is a tub of stress? This is a mental image I learned from Racheal Cosgrove.


All of us have different faucets and drains. Your faucets are things that fill your tub with stress. Kids, money problems, relationships, etc...


Some people have more faucets than others and they are all on different speeds. Some of you have a few faucets that are slowly dripping or trickling in, while some of you have several faucets on full blast!


You know what happens when the tub overflows? You get sick, you have a mental breakdown, etc...


The key to managing stress is to recognize when you are getting too full and put in some drains.


Your drains are what you use to de-stress your life. Exercise is a good one, but can also become a faucet in itself.


So you need to find several drains to get that stress out. Listen to music, read a book, get a punching bag, find something that keeps you from spilling over the edge.


When your body is stressed out, you WILL NOT lose fat and you WILL NOT build any of the lean muscle mass you need to increase your metabolism.

Your job is to figure out what your faucets are, how much they are on, and find the drains to get rid of them. If you have been doing all the right things (eating right, exercising, etc...) and not getting results, this might be the the key for you to start getting the results you deserve.