One key to vacation workouts-Make it interesting

    You know when you're on vacation and all you can think of is exercising? Just me? Maybe you don't obsess over it, but it really pays off to stay active on vacation. The goal is NOT to break records, the goal is to have a fun, interesting, and energizing workout.   I thought I would share a few of the workouts I have done the past few days to give you some ideas you can use or modify for your next trip.   Workout 1- Cardio and Calisthenics   I ran to a nearby playground and did 5 rounds of the following: 20 pushups 10 pullups 10 burpees Then I ran back. The whole thing took 17 minutes.   Workout 2- RV Park Scavenger Hunt   We were camping out at a state park and I compiled a list of things I thought I might see if I ran through this place. I will have to share my list of things I was looking for some other time.   Just kept checking off items as I went. This made for a very interesting run and time went by really fast. Since I'm not a big runner, any distraction is very helpful.   Workout 3- Crazy Kettlebell Guy   Next time you are at the beach, I want you to walk around with a kettlebell at 5am. Just do it, it is worth the looks you get.   Guy in nothing but jorts, an airbrushed unicorn hat, carrying a giant beer and some Laffy Taffy? Not a second glance.   Seemingly normal guy carrying a kettlebell? Mass murderer.   Weird how society works huh?   Any way, if you have a kettlebell this is a great, quick workout. The object for this one is constant motion. I tried to keep doing as many rounds as I could without rest for the following exercises:   Swings Clean and press Right Clean and press Left Squat and high row Around the worlds (both directions) Single leg deadlift Right Single leg deadlift Left   Pretty challenging workout to do in the sand, but a lot of fun.   Workout 4- Gym workout   I like to check out any gyms, so I did a workout with my wife in the place we were staying's fitness center. I tried to be normal and do normal person workout, but it didn't work. Here is what I ended up with.   7 minutes in the treadmill (couldn't get the TV to work right) Incline single arm presses (fairly normal) Dumbbell snatches (starting to go off the rails) Burpee pullups (full on stares) Plyometric pushups (hid in a corner) Hanging knee raises (normal) Paloff presses (strange looks)