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New Warrior Training class coming to Madison soon!

                    Hanging with my sisters at the 2011 Warrior Dash
Have you ever heard of the Warrior Dash? It is basically a 5K with obstacles, mud, and fire. It is the most fun I have ever had in a race. A bunch of us from boot camp did the one in Tennessee last year and had a ball.   Boot camp will help you get ready for sure, but now there is a new workout designed specifically to help you dominate that course! Warrior Training This is a new class that will start Saturday August 11th at 8am. It will be every Saturday for 8 weeks leading up to the Warrior Dash in Warrior, AL (Warrior is near Cullman in case you haven't heard of it) on October 6th. 5K training is pretty popular now, but no one else is offering Warrior Dash Training in this area and space is limited so sign up today! Go here to register --->Warrior Training You will experience: -Obstacles course training -Total body strengthening -Cardio training designed to mimic the rigors of the Warrior Dash -Mental preparation to give you the confidence to dominate any obstacle This is a co-ed class as well, so you and your significant other can train together. The class will meet at Shelton Park in Madison and will get you ready to conquer the race. Or maybe you are just looking for some "outside the box" workouts to get you stronger, faster, and shedding fat on a Saturday morning. Either way, you will benefit from this unique class. If you haven't signed up for the Warrior Dash yet, use Coupon Code 12WDNTL01 by August 2nd to get a discount.  

Negativity detox tip #6, Getting rid of stress at work

      Last week your challenge was to deploy the AAA strategy to help relieve your source of stress. Action Alleviates Anxiety The challenge was to do ONE thing to start making the problem better. Did it help? It feels so good to be proactive, rather than sitting back being reactive doesn't it? This week your challenge involves most people's most offensive four letter word. Work Studies have shown that only 19% of people are satisfied with your jobs. Not good. Think about where you spend the majority of your time. It has been estimated that you will spend 91,250 hours (40 hours per week starting at age 21, retiring at 65) at work! If you aren't happy or at the very least mildly satisfied at work, it would not be a big shock to learn you are an unhappy person. Here's your challenge this week. Think of three things you like about your job. By the way, if you are a stay at home mom you better believe that counts as a job. It can be as small as "People are not shooting at me at work." To as big as "I feel like I am making a difference". If you can't find 3 things about your job you like, I would suggest finding another one. How much is being miserable worth to you? I understand about paying bills, but your job stress will eventually cost you much more in your health, relationships, etc... Until then, find some ways to reduce your stress levels about work. Feel like there is never enough time to get everything done? Maybe you need some time management help (got my hand raised on that one). Take breaks, studies have shown you will still be more productive than you would have without taking breaks. Plus they keep you sane. Stand up and stretch every hour, at least. I have to set an alarm to remind myself to do this one. Go for walks as often as possible. It will stir creativity and keep you sharper. The question will always be, is it worth it? For some people it might be. If you aren't one of those people, then you need to find an outlet for your job stress or find a new job.    

Free Olympic Workout


Hamster High Jump is all new to the 2012 Olympic Games in London

The 2012 Summer Olympics start today! Since I am such a big fan of the Summer Games, I came up with an Olympic theme workout for you to do around the house or at the gym.  
Javelin press- start off turned side ways, weight at shoulder level, shuffle 2 times, rotate, and then explosively press the weight up. Go for 40 seconds, rest 20 seconds, then repeat 3 more times.
Hurdles- Run as fast as you can in place and every 5 seconds, jump over a "hurdle". Go for 30 seconds, rest 15 seconds, repeat 3 more times.
Triathlon- These exercises will all be performed for 30 seconds with no rest in between. After going through all 3, rest for 30 seconds, then repeat 2 more times.
Bicycle-on your back, hands behind your head, knees been and feet off the ground, "pedal" your right elbow to left knee, then left elbow to right knee.
Swim-on your stomach, "swim" your arms and legs by trying to keep them off the ground. Make sure to keep your head down.
Run- Run or march in place as fast as you can
Fencing lunges- As you lunge, punch your opposite hand out. Right leg lunge, you will punch out with your left hand and vice versa. Go 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, alternating legs each time. Repeat 3 more times.
Boxing- you will perform each of the following exercises for 1 minute each. It will give you some idea of the tip top cardiovascular shape these athletes are in.
     Bob and weave-Squat and slide side to side just like you were going underneath a piece of rope and popping out on the other side. Make sure to bend at your knees, not your back, and keep your hands up the whole time.
     Jump rope- This can be an actual jump rope of the invisible jump rope. If you don't have a jump rope, just mimic the movements.
     Punches- For the last 60 seconds, punch as hard and as fast as you can to finish strong. Use your whole body to throw each punch, as opposed to just using your upper body. Lift your heels, pivot your hips, and explode into each punch.
The whole workout won't take long at all, but you will get in strength training, core training, and fat burning.
PS- If you are looking for a fun way to watch the Olympics with your kids, check this article out:

What Dr. Oz takes every day


FYI- Dr. Oz is pretty dreamy

  I wrote an article awhile back that people told me was very helpful called:   If you could take one supplement, what would it be?   Then yesterday, I was watching a video on Facebook where Dr. Oz was answering questions from Facebook fans of his. Now I'm pretty popular/handsome/hilarious/humble, but I'm no Dr.Oz. So I thought you might be interested in his thoughts on two subjects.   Here are the two questions he answered:   1. What daily supplements do you take Dr. Oz?   Dr. Oz personally takes 3 supplements: -Multivitamin -Vitamin D with calcium magnesium -Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) with DHA   A side note on that. Dr. Oz also said he has absolutely no relationships with any supplement companies, so if you see his face on an ad it is there illegally. Even the raspberry keytones... He also said the EFA (sometimes called Omega 3's) were the most important one.   If you are looking for a high quality EFA with DHA Prograde has theirs on sale right now if you want to check them out.   EFA Sale   Use Coupon Code EFA15 at checkout to get the discount.   2.  Is it really necessary to take supplements?   Dr. Oz's group did a research study and found that less than 1% of the population was getting the vitamins and minerals they needed on a daily basis. So while it is technically possible, it is very unlikely you can get the proper amounts without a little help.

Negativity Detox Challenge #5


Need to get rid of all these thoughts? Try Triple A. Action, Alleviates, Anxiety

  Our challenge last week was to do something for someone who has no hope of ever paying you back. I was racking my brain on something to do, when my friend Ashley came to the rescue.   She directed me to the Be The Match registry. It is a registry you sign up for to see if you are a bone marrow match for someone who has leukemia, sickle cell, lymphoma, and other life threatening diseases.
Your challenge this week is to do one thing to eliminate one major source of stress in your life. No matter how big the situation is, pick out something to do. Start a budget, make a phone call, etc... Whatever it is, just do ONE thing this week that starts to work on the stress source. You will feel so much better just by doing one thing! I am a true believer in the AAA principle. Action Alleviates Anxiety When all you are doing is worrying about a problem it becomes a much bigger problem. When you start to do something about the issue, you can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Do one thing this week to help with your biggest problem.

Negativity Detox Tip #4

One of the best ways to rid yourself of negativity is to create something positive yourself. Here is your challenge this week.   Do something, for someone who has no hope of paying you back.   “You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”-Malcolm S. Forbes   If you have ever done something like this before, you know that the awesome feeling you get yourself will dwarf whatever help you can give.   Hard to have negative thoughts when you are focused on helping others.   If you think of some cool ways to pull this one off let me know. I will report back to you in a week what I do so I will be held accountable.

I am in agony! Solutions for sore muscles



Here's something you might find handy if you just started exercising or decided to pick it up a notch in your current program. My patented soreness solutions. (patent pending) This is also stuff you can do to try and cut some of the soreness off at the pass. Whatever that means.

The good news about being sore? It means you are making progress! The bad news? It is no fun. So here are a few ways to alleviate some soreness:


Drink water-The trainer's answer to everything. It does help to get rid of the toxins (like lactic acid) that are causing you to be so sore by flushing them out of your system.


Exercise-Kind of like the hair of the dog treatment for hangovers. Not that anybody in the camp is at risk for one of those, but you fight what caused your agony with more of the same. Exercise gets the blood moving and helps to work out the stiffness and soreness in much the same way that water does.

If you aren't working out the next day, at least move around a little bit and do some stretching. Trust me, the worst thing you can do is sit around and do nothing.

Recovery shower-Also called the contrast shower. You alternate 60 seconds of hot water with 60 seconds of cold water. It causes your blood vessels to constrict and dilate, which makes the blood vessels squeeze the toxins out. I feel like a million bucks after I take one of these, but my wife makes fun of me and thinks I am crazy.

If you want to try one, do about 4 rounds of hot, 4 rounds of cold, and make sure to concentrate the shower spray on the most sore areas. My biggest problem is taking a shower for 8 minutes, instead of the 3 I'm used to. Being bald has its advantages.


Dixie cupsicle massage-If you have any paper Dixie cups, fill a few up with water and freeze them tonight. When you wake up and you are speaking in tongues and wishing you had never heard of me and my exercises you can use them. Massage the frozen cup on your aching muscles and just peel away the cup as it melts. This can be a little messy, so just be ready.


Epsom salt bath- Since I don't take baths, I don't know about this one first hand. Some of the trainers I have worked with swear by this one though. Just spread the salts out evenly, let the water get hot, soak yourself until you are medium well.


Post workout nutrition-This is the time you HAVE to take advantage of. As soon as possible (ideally within 30 minutes) after you complete your workout you need to take in some high quality protein and some fast burning carbs (bananas, oatmeal, etc...) The ideal ratio would be 2 parts carbohydrates and one part protein. If you are going straight to work or somewhere you don't have time for a meal, a protein shake is always a good option.

Foam rolling-A foam roller is what some people call a poor man's sports massage. It is a piece of dense foam, that you roll over sore muscles to help break up lactic acid and scar tissue, which will help improve your tissue quality.

A month of vitamins for free


A multivitamin made from actual fruits and vegetables? Crazy.

  If you're like me, you eat pretty good, but there are a few gaps in your nutrition that need to be filled.   This is a good spot for a high quality multivitamin to come in and help. As many of you know I take and recommend Prograde products.   As a Prograde Pro, I get access to some special deals occasionally. A deal they are running right now is a month of their multivitamin product VGF 25+ at no cost. (VGF stands for Vegetables, Greens, and Fruits in case it confused you like it did me)   They believe so strongly that their multivitamin is better than what you are currently taking, that they are willing to buy you a bottle.   Just click the link and get yours today!   Trial bottle of VGF 25+

Two, Quick Fat Loss Tips


These kids are smart to cast a disappearing spell on the fat laden Bloomin Onion.

                          You know what you don't see too often? An overweight loner. Maybe it is due to all that lonesome rambling they do, but a stat I read about may have a better explanation. People take in 35% more calories when they eat with others than when they eat alone. If you do go out to eat with others, try getting your meal cut in half and put it in a to-go box right when it gets to your table. (Don't eat it on the way home for optimum results) If you did refrain from eating the other half on the way home you just saved a ton of calories. You could also try ordering two small appetizers (Side note, ordering 2 Bloomin Onions as your appetizers is probably not the best idea) instead of one large entrée.   Are you overweight AND have scurvy? I have the fix for you! Vitamin C. If you don't have enough Vitamin C you will burn 25% less FAT during your workout. For once I'm not making this up. It was in a study printed in Nutrition & Metabolism. Having low levels of Vitamin C can also cause you to feel fatigued. So how much is enough? 100 mg of Vitamin C (which is 10 large strawberries, one small red pepper, or one cup of cooked broccoli) should be plenty for most people.

Negativity Detox Tip #3

      Big challenge for a lot of people this week. The first two challenges were to Take some time in absolute quiet and to Positively reinforce your body image. Hopefully it has started you on the right path. This week your challenge is to start getting the negative influences out of your life. I wrote an article on this subject that I recommend called Getting rid of crabs. Let me explain the concept before your mind goes too far with that concept. If you put a crab in a bucket, that crab will escape. But if you put a bunch of crabs in a bucket, none of them will escape. You know why? Because each time one gets to the top, the others will pull him back down. You have anyone like that in your life? It's time to get rid of them. Why are you keeping someone in your life that keeps holding you back? Do you have people in your life that always tell you that you can't do something? Any time you start a new exercise program, nutrition program, job, etc... that person that says you will fail before you have even started. I have a lot of faults, ask my wife. But one thing I do have going for me is relentless positivity. Having that attitude has carried me through a lot of bad times and allowed me to have an awesome life. One of the ways I keep a positive attitude is by dropping the dead weight relationships in my life. This is one of my favorite quotes: “You are, or will become, the average of the five people you associate with the most.” – Brian Carruthers Who are you around the most? Who do you want shaping your life? Who has already shaped your life? Your challenge this week is to avoid and get rid of the people, places, and things that are negatively impacting you. Block that drama queen on Facebook (this one feels so good, just try it), don't go over to that person's house where you know things are going to be stressful, and avoid the things that bring you down.
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