How did your first week go on the Negativity Detox Program? If you missed it, the first challenge was to go without talking on your phone, listening to the radio, etc... while you were in the car this week. Or as an alternative, you could try to find 30 minutes in the day of silence.   I discovered a few things: -I am a terrible singer, but an awesome steering wheel drummer -It really spurred my creativity and I have a bunch of cool things mapped out for my business and personal life -My conversations with my son were much more meaningful -My son talks a lot -It's a great way to clear your head and think clearer   I will actually continue doing the radio free challenge. I cheated a little bit one day because I my friend Dr. Kevin Lowe was on Cubelic and the Kid's radio show recapping his experience in going through the Spartan Death Race. That race is crazy if you've never heard of it.   Your challenge this week. I want you to spend some time each day this week thinking about all your body has been able to accomplish and all that it will accomplish in the future.   I know so many people that consider themselves a failure because they are overweight or have certain body parts they are not happy with.
If you look back at all your body has been able to do it is truly amazing. Are you a mom? Do you realize the trauma your body was able to make it through? This is not the time to think about all the things you can't do or that your stomach doesn't look like you want it to. I'm sure you think about that enough.   Your body is an amazing thing and you should learn to appreciate it. Stop beating yourself up!   -Think you're too far out of shape to even start working out? Then you are exactly who needs to workout!   -Think you're so overweight, what's the use in even trying? You can make it happen.   -Think you can't even walk a mile, how would you ever run a 5K? People just like you do it every day.   If you're still breathing you have a chance to reach your goals. Negative self talk only sets you back.   This week your challenge is to take at least 5 minutes to think good things about your body.