These kids are smart to cast a disappearing spell on the fat laden Bloomin Onion.

                          You know what you don't see too often? An overweight loner. Maybe it is due to all that lonesome rambling they do, but a stat I read about may have a better explanation. People take in 35% more calories when they eat with others than when they eat alone. If you do go out to eat with others, try getting your meal cut in half and put it in a to-go box right when it gets to your table. (Don't eat it on the way home for optimum results) If you did refrain from eating the other half on the way home you just saved a ton of calories. You could also try ordering two small appetizers (Side note, ordering 2 Bloomin Onions as your appetizers is probably not the best idea) instead of one large entrée.   Are you overweight AND have scurvy? I have the fix for you! Vitamin C. If you don't have enough Vitamin C you will burn 25% less FAT during your workout. For once I'm not making this up. It was in a study printed in Nutrition & Metabolism. Having low levels of Vitamin C can also cause you to feel fatigued. So how much is enough? 100 mg of Vitamin C (which is 10 large strawberries, one small red pepper, or one cup of cooked broccoli) should be plenty for most people.