Here's something you might find handy if you just started exercising or decided to pick it up a notch in your current program. My patented soreness solutions. (patent pending) This is also stuff you can do to try and cut some of the soreness off at the pass. Whatever that means.

The good news about being sore? It means you are making progress! The bad news? It is no fun. So here are a few ways to alleviate some soreness:


Drink water-The trainer's answer to everything. It does help to get rid of the toxins (like lactic acid) that are causing you to be so sore by flushing them out of your system.


Exercise-Kind of like the hair of the dog treatment for hangovers. Not that anybody in the camp is at risk for one of those, but you fight what caused your agony with more of the same. Exercise gets the blood moving and helps to work out the stiffness and soreness in much the same way that water does.

If you aren't working out the next day, at least move around a little bit and do some stretching. Trust me, the worst thing you can do is sit around and do nothing.

Recovery shower-Also called the contrast shower. You alternate 60 seconds of hot water with 60 seconds of cold water. It causes your blood vessels to constrict and dilate, which makes the blood vessels squeeze the toxins out. I feel like a million bucks after I take one of these, but my wife makes fun of me and thinks I am crazy.

If you want to try one, do about 4 rounds of hot, 4 rounds of cold, and make sure to concentrate the shower spray on the most sore areas. My biggest problem is taking a shower for 8 minutes, instead of the 3 I'm used to. Being bald has its advantages.


Dixie cupsicle massage-If you have any paper Dixie cups, fill a few up with water and freeze them tonight. When you wake up and you are speaking in tongues and wishing you had never heard of me and my exercises you can use them. Massage the frozen cup on your aching muscles and just peel away the cup as it melts. This can be a little messy, so just be ready.


Epsom salt bath- Since I don't take baths, I don't know about this one first hand. Some of the trainers I have worked with swear by this one though. Just spread the salts out evenly, let the water get hot, soak yourself until you are medium well.


Post workout nutrition-This is the time you HAVE to take advantage of. As soon as possible (ideally within 30 minutes) after you complete your workout you need to take in some high quality proteinĀ and some fast burning carbs (bananas, oatmeal, etc...) The ideal ratio would be 2 parts carbohydrates and one part protein. If you are going straight to work or somewhere you don't have time for a meal, a protein shake is always a good option.

Foam rolling-A foam roller is what some people call a poor man's sports massage. It is a piece of dense foam, that you roll over sore muscles to help break up lactic acid and scar tissue, which will help improve your tissue quality.