FYI- Dr. Oz is pretty dreamy

  I wrote an article awhile back that people told me was very helpful called:   If you could take one supplement, what would it be?   Then yesterday, I was watching a video on Facebook where Dr. Oz was answering questions from Facebook fans of his. Now I'm pretty popular/handsome/hilarious/humble, but I'm no Dr.Oz. So I thought you might be interested in his thoughts on two subjects.   Here are the two questions he answered:   1. What daily supplements do you take Dr. Oz?   Dr. Oz personally takes 3 supplements: -Multivitamin -Vitamin D with calcium magnesium -Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) with DHA   A side note on that. Dr. Oz also said he has absolutely no relationships with any supplement companies, so if you see his face on an ad it is there illegally. Even the raspberry keytones... He also said the EFA (sometimes called Omega 3's) were the most important one.   If you are looking for a high quality EFA with DHA Prograde has theirs on sale right now if you want to check them out.   EFA Sale   Use Coupon Code EFA15 at checkout to get the discount.   2.  Is it really necessary to take supplements?   Dr. Oz's group did a research study and found that less than 1% of the population was getting the vitamins and minerals they needed on a daily basis. So while it is technically possible, it is very unlikely you can get the proper amounts without a little help.