Your challenge last week was to think of three things you like about your job. If you couldn't think of at least 3 things, you need to either find a new job or find some ways to relieve stress at work. I suggest the The Office Chair Workout as a way to get your workout in at work or possibly get you fired and into a new job. (Disclaimer-Joe Martin Fitness claims no responsibility for firings and or office chair related injuries) This week, it is time to look at you. Are you a source of negativity? This week pay attention how you interact with people. Are you constantly nagging them? Are you always putting them down? Do you ever have anything positive to say? Are you putting other people down to lift yourself up? This isn't just face to face, it is especially on things like Facebook, text messages, and e-mail. People will write all kinds of horrible things that they would never say to a person's face. Facebook is probably the king of this, especially between "friends". Simple rule of thumb: if you wouldn't say it to their face, don't put it in electronic form either. So this week turn the microscope on yourself. Would you want to be treated the way you are treating others? Are you constantly being negative? Just by being mindful, I bet you will treat people much better this week. It is time to check yourself this week.