Doesn't look much like oil does it?

    It just doesn't seem right that you could eat fat to get rid of fat does it? This study and several others have shown that consuming Medium Chain Triglycerides (what the cool kids call MCTs) can help you drop fat.   The most common source of MCTs available is coconut oil. Coconut oil is getting easier to find these days, make sure to look for the virgin or extra virgin coconut oil. Just like with anything else, the less processed the better with coconut oil.   So what do you do with this coconut oil? I was just talking to a friend/client of mine about this and she mentioned some people just let it melt in their mouth. I'm not there yet. If you've never seen coconut oil, it has the consistency of Crisco. It is solid at room temperature, so imagine putting a dab of that in your mouth.   I use it to cook my eggs and vegetables in coconut oil. Do you use olive oil to cook with? I would recommend cooking with coconut oil because it has a higher smoke point. When your cooking oil begins to smoke that is when taste and nutritional breakdown starts to occur. Maybe some of you have some recipes that you can share, feel free to. Olive oil still has a lot of benefits, so I use it as a salad dressing.   Here is the bottom line. I am NOT telling you to start eating a vat of coconut oil with a spoon. MCTs are good for you, but they do pack a lot of calories still. Everything in moderation. If nothing else, try replacing your current cooking oil with coconut oil.   "Coconut oil is truly the healthiest oil you can consume."  -Dr. Joseph Mercola, from the World's #1 Natural Health Web Site