Remember this thing? When you had to bring something to do while you waited on the modem to get going? Good times.

  I would like to start off by thanking all of you who voted for the Healthy Huntsville awards. Because of your votes, I was luck enough to win Healthiest Trainer and Healthiest Male. Plus Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp won the Healthiest Place to Workout.  Very cool and I really appreciate everyone who voted.   Your challenge last week was to give two genuine compliments before 10am each day. This was a way to get your "feel good hormone" levels up for the day. A way to make you feel great, as well as someone else. How did it go? Your challenge this week is to remember when. Remember back to a time when you didn't have so much negativity in your life. Remember a time when you were at your happiest. Why was that? What were you doing? Who were you surrounded by? Where did you work? What was your average day like?   The goal is to get back to a time when you didn't have so many negative influences in your life. Next, you need to try and recreate as much of that life as possible. Is there an old friend you need to re-connect with? Is there a current friend you need to drop? Take a good look at your current life and decide what needs to change.   Obviously we can't all go back to the college years when stress meant Ramen noodles had just gone up from 10 cents a pack to 15 cents. But we can all make changes to simplify and improve our lives.   This week is the final challenge in the Negativity Detox series. I hope this has been something useful and interesting to you. It has really made me stop and think about the way I approach my day.