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Simple Guide To Calorie Control (Print this and use it!)


Do you eat too many calories? You are not alone!

    One of the biggest problems people seem to have when they are trying to eat healthier is portion control. If you are eating more calories than your body can use, then you are not going to get the results you want.   If you are a visual learner like myself, then I have an awesome resource for you from Precision Nutrition. This breaks it down in such a simple and usable way. Download your free copy below, print one off, keep it on your fridge, and use it to create your perfectly portioned meals.   Simple Calorie Control Guide For Women   Simple Calorie Control Guide For Men

Preparing for a 5K

A lot of people have a goal of one day being able to run a 5K. Several of the women in our boot camps set that as a goal and have since accomplished it. Since the biggest 5K in Huntsville, the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run, is coming up soon I was asked to come up with a training program to do a 5K.   This is a very condensed training schedule, so the timeline is a little more aggressive than most are. The program will give you a good idea of how to get ready for the race though. Check it out at the link below:   Preparing for a 5K   The Liz Hurley Ribbon Run is an awesome race and would be a perfect starting place if you have never done a 5K. We have a team going that has walkers, joggers, and runners. If you want to join our team there is a link in that article as well.

Burpees and a Hot Mess

There is no explaining this. Enjoy [ultimate 1 /]    

Burpees and a Hot Mess

We at Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp ( believe it is our duty to make you feel better (more…)

5 tips to avoid eating too much

  As a good old, red blooded, testosterone filled, tough guy I was sitting around reading Women's Health yesterday. Luckily it was in the privacy of my own home.   They had a shocking stat from the CDC. 80 percent of the people who lost weight and kept it off had one thing in common. They ate less. Crazy, I know!   Then they had a list of ways to help eat less. I thought these were great tips and wanted to share them with you.   Turn off the tube Researchers have found that you eat 300 calories more if you eat while watching TV. Makes sense, you get distracted and just start mowing through your meal. I can't tell you how many times I will be screaming at Snooki that that man is bad for her, oh I mean yelling at football, and look down and my food will be gone. I won't even remember eating it.   Slow down Research has also shown you will eat 10 percent less calories per meal if you simple breathe in between bites. It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to tell you that you are full, let that part kick in. This will help you avoid that "I ate so much I;m dying" feeling.   Serve snacks in a dish Never straight out of the box or bag. If you're like me, you're too lazy to go back across the room to get more food. Just take out a reasonable portion and put the rest away.   Visualize a hearty meal This one was a new one to me. They recommend visualizing a big meal (like a big steak) when you get hungry. If it is not appetizing, chances are you are just thirsty or bored.   Get a change of scenery Australian researchers found that eating Vegemite can decrease your will to live by 67%. Oh, they also found that visual distractions can rally curb your appetite too. Next time you're really hungry and it's not a meal or snack time, go for a walk (preferably not to the fridge). Sometimes that little distraction is enough to break out of the craving.

13 Ultra Fat Burning Secrets For Women

One of my main goals in life is to get the focus off of the scale and onto what is more important.   Fat Loss   Fun fact of the day, you can fit 4 pounds of fat in a 2 Liter bottle. I don't think you want to try that at home, but it is true.   If you just drop 4 pounds on the scale, it could be water, fat, muscle, different clothes, etc... So everything we do in boot camp is to preserve/build muscle and reduce body fat.   To help all of you do the same, I wanted you to get a copy of a special report I put together for you. It is called "13 Ultra Fat Burning Tips For Women". The information in there can help you take your body transformation to the next level.   You can go to the link below to get your copy at no cost.   13 Ultra Fat Burning Tips For Women    

Weird ways to fight fat


These tips are weird, but not cowboy boot flip flops weird

You know what you hardly ever see? A fat fidgeter. They are about as rare as a red headed roofer. Think about it. The person in your office that can't hold still and rarely sits down is usually a pretty thin person right? So that begs the question, how many calories can fidgeting burn? The answer to that question and a few other sneaky ways to burn calories will follow.   Fidget fat away-If you prefer to do your fidgeting while seated, you are going to burn about 60 calories per hour. If you are more of a standing fidgeter you can burn up to a whopping 400 calories an hour! Stand up to make your weight go down-Maybe you aren't a fidgeter or maybe you don't want people to think you have to go to the bathroom all day long. Just by standing in one spot for an hour you can burn around 110 calories an hour. Take that DMV! Parking the potbelly away-This is an old tip, but still viable. Park a little further out than you do now to sneak in some extra physical activity. Get to stepping-I know you've heard take the stairs before, so here it comes again. Even if it only takes you 2 minutes to walk up the stairs, if you do that 5 times a day you have burned about 100 calories. Have a cold one-Not that kind. If you drink a glass of ice cold water, studies have shown the body has to burn 50 calories to warm up the water enough to be able to use it.   These may seem like insignificant calories, but if you do them all the time they will add up. If you burned just 100 calories a day from fidgeting, standing, walking, stepping, drinking cold water, etc... you would burn off 10 pounds of fat in a year. Doing little things consistently can result in big changes over time.

How to prevent side cramps (weird tip)


Learn the technique so you don't get in trouble

Ever had one of those vicious side stitches (side cramps)? If you've ever had one, you know how painful and debilitating these things are. It feels like you have been stabbed in the ribs and it makes it very hard to breathe.
The good news is, there is a simple way to help prevent them. When you are running, all you have to do is breathe out when your left foot hits the ground. Very simple, yet effective.
These side stitches are basically spasms of the diaphragm that running can cause because it makes the organs attached to the diaphragm jump up and down. You put a much larger strain on the organs attached to the diaphragm when you breathe out when your right foot hits. The organs on the left side are much smaller, so there is less strain.
It is a weird tip, but it works!
Eating too much (or too soon) before a run and running downhill can also cause side cramps to occur. If you do get one, the best way to fight through them is to slow down and breathe out with pursed lips (like you are blowing out candles on a birthday cake).

Is it too late for your metabolism?

Have you ever thought, "Why should I even bother?" with regard to your exercise/nutrition program? You have damaged your metabolism from extreme dieting and exercise to the point where it is extremely hard to get results, so you have given up.   Never fear, your fitness nerd is here. I just read a study from the Metabolism journal (it's almost like People magazine) that actually checked out this phenomenon. The purpose of the study was to find out if women who had a history of continually going up and down in weight were any less capable of getting results than other women.   The good news is that the women who had lost and gained pounds frequently could still get results. The bad news is they had to work harder and it takes longer.   Maybe this person is you. Maybe you have worked hard enough in the past, but just didn't give it enough time. Or maybe you worked enough, but just needed to pick it up a notch.   That goes for following proper nutrition too. With a compromised metabolism, you can afford less nutritional leeway. For either one of these situations, or anyone else for that matter, I would recommend trying the Magic Fat Loss Formula.   This is the Magic Fat Loss Formula by Dr. Chris Mohr   -Start each meal with a veggie or fruit
-Replace all liquid calories with water
-Eat breakfast daily
-Include a lean protein with each meal
-Enjoy healthy fats throughout the day
-Move more and ramp up the exercise intensity
-Sleep a minimum of 7 hours/day, ideally 8+
If you are looking for some straight ahead advice on how to get started, I think that formula really is magical at getting results.
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