Have you ever thought, "Why should I even bother?" with regard to your exercise/nutrition program? You have damaged your metabolism from extreme dieting and exercise to the point where it is extremely hard to get results, so you have given up.   Never fear, your fitness nerd is here. I just read a study from the Metabolism journal (it's almost like People magazine) that actually checked out this phenomenon. The purpose of the study was to find out if women who had a history of continually going up and down in weight were any less capable of getting results than other women.   The good news is that the women who had lost and gained pounds frequently could still get results. The bad news is they had to work harder and it takes longer.   Maybe this person is you. Maybe you have worked hard enough in the past, but just didn't give it enough time. Or maybe you worked enough, but just needed to pick it up a notch.   That goes for following proper nutrition too. With a compromised metabolism, you can afford less nutritional leeway. For either one of these situations, or anyone else for that matter, I would recommend trying the Magic Fat Loss Formula.   This is the Magic Fat Loss Formula by Dr. Chris Mohr   -Start each meal with a veggie or fruit
-Replace all liquid calories with water
-Eat breakfast daily
-Include a lean protein with each meal
-Enjoy healthy fats throughout the day
-Move more and ramp up the exercise intensity
-Sleep a minimum of 7 hours/day, ideally 8+
If you are looking for some straight ahead advice on how to get started, I think that formula really is magical at getting results.