These tips are weird, but not cowboy boot flip flops weird

You know what you hardly ever see? A fat fidgeter. They are about as rare as a red headed roofer. Think about it. The person in your office that can't hold still and rarely sits down is usually a pretty thin person right? So that begs the question, how many calories can fidgeting burn? The answer to that question and a few other sneaky ways to burn calories will follow.   Fidget fat away-If you prefer to do your fidgeting while seated, you are going to burn about 60 calories per hour. If you are more of a standing fidgeter you can burn up to a whopping 400 calories an hour! Stand up to make your weight go down-Maybe you aren't a fidgeter or maybe you don't want people to think you have to go to the bathroom all day long. Just by standing in one spot for an hour you can burn around 110 calories an hour. Take that DMV! Parking the potbelly away-This is an old tip, but still viable. Park a little further out than you do now to sneak in some extra physical activity. Get to stepping-I know you've heard take the stairs before, so here it comes again. Even if it only takes you 2 minutes to walk up the stairs, if you do that 5 times a day you have burned about 100 calories. Have a cold one-Not that kind. If you drink a glass of ice cold water, studies have shown the body has to burn 50 calories to warm up the water enough to be able to use it.   These may seem like insignificant calories, but if you do them all the time they will add up. If you burned just 100 calories a day from fidgeting, standing, walking, stepping, drinking cold water, etc... you would burn off 10 pounds of fat in a year. Doing little things consistently can result in big changes over time.