This kid is clearly living a maximized life

I am very excited to have a post today from a friend of mine, Dr. Patty Long. She owns and operates Long Chiropractic in Meridianville,AL. The thing I respect the most about Dr. Patty is her holistic approach to taking care of her patients. She makes sure all the wellness bases are covered with her patients, not just traditional chiropractic care.   This post will show you exactly what I mean.   The 5 Essentials to Maximized Living   As a health care provider, my intake paperwork asks all of our new patients what their health goals are and how they expect to achieve their goals. The majority of the answers usually entail "to be healthy" by "eating less,"  "make that scale go down," or "exercise more." Granted all of these things are noble goals and steps toward being healthy, but none of them can stand alone. To truly have HEALTH, you have to strive for   Maximized Living.   Maximized Living constitutes 5 Essentials of Health   1. Maximum Mindset:   You have to adopt a positive mindset, one of success. One of my mentors says it best when he says, "Quit your stinkin' thinkin'." Your mindset helps form your limiting beliefs. Examples of limiting beliefs would be:   "My parents had this disease, so I will, too." "I'm too old." "I can't afford to eat right." "I hate to exercise." "I can't look the way I want to." "I'll never feel good again." Because your subconscious believes every word you say, you need to say only positive things to yourself.  Speak positive affirmations daily, and have them include all areas of your life. Make them positive, detailed, personal, and specific. Rather than saying "I hate to exercise," you can say "I thrive when I exercise because I feel strong, energetic, and healthy." Squash your limiting beliefs by changing your words to ones that support you for who you are, "wonderfully and gloriously made." You also need to know your "why." It is hard to stay motivated when you don't know your reason to do things and make change. You need to know your compelling reason to take control of life in order to succeed. Simply wanting to look good is typically short lived, but wanting to have energy to participate in your kids lives takes your reasons outside of yourself. You are more likely to succeed when it isn't about you and you alone. Work on these principles and around the corner you will come face to face with your success.  2. Maximized Nerve Supply:   A good corrective care chiropractor can help maximize nerve supply! Your nervous system controls every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. In order to have maximum nerve supply, you must realize that your health is dependent on the stability and function of your central nervous system. This intricate system is directly influenced by the position and integrity of the spine. Your spine should have three perfect curves from the side and should be straight from front to back. Whenever the spine is in optimal position and alignment, the nervous system functions at a higher level because the spinal cord is encased by the vertebrae that make up the spine.   Spinal correction is necessary whenever there is abnormal positioning within the spine or abnormal/lack of movement in the spinal segments. When the spine is corrected, restoration of nerve function naturally follows. Spinal correction is not just about pain relief. There are far greater neurological effects, improved organ function, increased range of motion, improved performance, and a much improved ability to resist injury. Your nervous system cannot be replaced! It is essential that you dedicate the time necessary to be certain that you are participating in your spinal health. 3. Maximized Quality Nutrition:   Nutrition fuels your body. It will either build the cells for improved function or cause inflammation and destruction of the cell. The old adage, "You are what you eat" has always held true.   Maximized Nutrition isn't about the latest fad diet, but tried and true lifestyle changes regarding nutrition to obtain a lifetime of optimal health. It is important to realize that our busy, fast food lifestyles will not dictate a bright healthy future. Be committed to quality nutrition, and your cells will love you for it! 4. Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle:   Breathe! Exercise! This is the key to maximized oxygen and lean muscle. Activities such as Yoga help to oxygenate the tissue by teaching you how to breathe, an activity that we were much better at when we were young children than we are as adults.   As for exercise alone: I'm not talking about long, low-intensity workouts. All of the current research shows how high-intensity, short-duration exercise increases your growth hormone, testosterone, and beta endorphins, which turn your body in to a fat burning, muscle building machine. Want proof? Compare the physique of a long distance runner in the Olympics to the physique of a sprinter... need I say more?   Not to mention studies show that cancer CANNOT live in a well oxygenated environment, exercise is more effective for depression than anti-depressants, and people who exercise actually sleep better for a longer period of time, which allows for better healing.   Remember:  Exercise isn't a choice, it's an essential for true health! 5. Minimized Toxins:   We live in a toxic world. There are so many areas in our lives where we are exposed to disease causing toxins, from our personal care products to our cleaning products, from medication to the food we eat. You will never be able to avoid 100% of the toxins you are exposed to, but knowing where to limit your exposure is the first step to true health and wellness. I teach classes on making your home a safe haven that provides detailed information on changes that can be made.   As for a detoxification, which everyone asks me about- If you are going to perform a specific detoxification program, the smartest thing to do is to focus on the cell. There are some very specific detoxification programs that you can participate in, but no two people are alike.   You may need to focus on a different area of detox than your friends, but everyone can benefit from a daily detox that is designed to enhance your body's natural detoxification system and remove accumulated toxins from the body.   So, that's it... the 5 Essentials for Maximized Living. May you incorporate each Essential to lead you into a life of quality and longevity. Should you have any questions, we are here to serve!   Yours in Health- Dr. Patty Long, D.C.