There is a fitness business coach named Pat Rigsby who is a mentor of mine. One thing he constantly drives home is "You get paid for done."   What he means is, you don't get paid for ideas. You don't make any money off of half finished books or thinking about starting up a new class. You get paid when the work is done.   His advice is to do something every day to get you closer to that goal. For me it would be write an article, put out a press release, finish that book (I've got a few in various stages), etc... Just take action, continue to take action, and get closer to your goal rather than spinning your wheels and being overwhelmed with the big goal.   So how can you apply this to fat loss and getting in shape? You don't get in shape by having great intentions. You don't lose fat by exercising for a week and then quitting for a month.   My advice to you would be very similar. Do something today that gets you closer to your goal.   -Start with one day of eating healthy foods that nourish your body -Go for a walk -Sign up for that class you have been waiting to take -Plan your meals for the week   Pick out the one thing you will do to get closer to your goal and do it TODAY. You get results with done.   If you have been on the fence about doing boot camp, now is the perfect time of year to join. The weather is absolutely awesome right now and with the stress of the holidays coming up exercise is key.   We have a brand new Muffin Top Meltdown class starting on Monday October 22nd.  Hope to see you there!