My awesome boot camper Katie's family is not too pleased with her new healthy habits

Does this remind you of your family and/or support system? One the biggest stumbling blocks moms run into when they are trying to eat healthier is trying to be the only one in the house eating right. Your kids expect to have candy, cookies, soft drinks, chips, etc... in the house. You know why? Because that stuff is delicious! I love all that stuff too, but I can't keep it in the house or I will eat all of it. An important lesson to learn in life is this: Will power does not work, systems do I don't care how strong you think you are, if you keep your weakness in the house readily available you will consume it at some point. So what about those other people in your house demanding pizza and brownies every night? It will take some work, but they can be convinced to come to the healthy side. What's holding them back from wanting to eat healthy? Usually it's two main things. 1. They think healthy food tastes nasty 2. Junk food is much quicker and easier You have to eliminate the myth that healthy food is nasty. If they are used to processed foods stuffed with preservatives, salt, sugar, etc... it will be a much longer process for sure. Their taste buds have been overstimulated and expect massive amounts of these tastes each time. You don't have to serve plain, boiled chicken breasts to eat healthier. I would recommend experimenting with new spices that will still stimulate the taste buds, but not expand the waist line. Try some of these: Garlic-One of the sticking points for fat loss is the body holding onto toxins. Let the garlic clear out your some toxins to get you ready to lose the fat. You may lose some friends along with the fat if you don't bring a toothbrush with you. Ginger-A certain ginger haired man can help you lose weight, but so can the spice. Ginger gives food an Asian taste plus gives you a fat loss boost. Tumeric-Sounds like a terrible chemical, but is actually really good for you. The main way this helps is by lowering your blood sugar and cutting down on cravings. Cayenne pepper-A study found that some of the participants increased their metabolism by 25% by putting cayenne pepper on their food. The study did not say if it was due to the subjects sprinting to get something to drink or not. Cinnamon-Another good way to get rid of toxins and improve digestion. Null and void if you are getting your cinnamon through Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Black pepper-Another great metabolism booster, plus the positive sneezing side effect clears out your sinuses. Chili powder-Has a similar effect as cayenne pepper. Great for fat loss and a good way to cook thinly sliced carrots. Junk food is a tough adversary, but it can be defeated. The sweet tooth is my weakness. As an alternative to candy, ice cream, and cookies I use things like: -Greek yogurt mixed with blueberries and almond butter -Apples or bananas with natural peanut butter -Smoothies -Protein shakes -Or when things get desperate I go with some dark chocolate Then there are the salt cravings. Here are some options I use for that: -Hummus with vegetables -Nuts -Olives -Sunflower seeds If you are looking for some new recipes, and you want an inexpensive cook book try this one ----> 197 Healthy and Delicious Fat Burning Meals It's just $4.95 and you can download it immediately. I can even make the recipes in there too, so I'm sure you can too. You never want to take something away that you are trying to get rid of without replacing it with something else. Start replacing the unhealthy items with things that can feed and nourish your family's bodies. You don't have to totally eliminate junk foods and unhealthy foods you love, just use them as a special treat rather than things you eat all the time.