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How your gut makes you sick

  Is it just me or is just about everyone you know sick right now? Colds and stomach flus seem to be all around me. Makes me nervous to be honest with you. I don't get sick very often, so when I do it's bad times. (insert joke about men being big babies when they get sick here)   Do you know those people that never seem to be sick? What's their deal? I'm sure you know that a lot of it has to do with your immune system, but it goes a little deeper than that.   All the way down to your gut in fact. There is a battle between good and evil going down in there every day. The good bacteria vs the bad bacteria. As long as you have enough good bacteria in there you can fight colds, flus, etc... off.   But when the good bacteria supply starts going down you can not only become more likely to get colds and flus, but also makes you more susceptible to autoimmune diseases, such as arthritis, IBS, Grave's disease, and Celiac disease.   What's the best way to keep your gut healthy? Probiotics. If you eat yogurt, you may have seen "Contains active cultures". As disgusting as that sounds, that is actually a good thing. Probiotics get in there and help clean out the bad guys to keep you healthy. If you are going to get your probioticsthrough yogurt, stick to plain Greek yogurt (no added sugar or fake sugars) and make sure it has the active cultures. Try mixing plain Greek yogurt with blueberries and almond butter for a sweet and healthy dessert or snack.

Chicken and biscuits go straight to my gut too.

  What if you don't like the taste of yogurt, are lactose intolerant, or get weirded out about eating something that is alive? This is the modern age baby, there is a pill for that! I take the capsules Prograde Probiotics myself. I've been taking them for several months and even though I've been around lots of sick people, haven't got so much as a sniffle. Somebody knock on wood because I'm sure I just jinxed myself.   Take action and show those bad bacteria who's boss!  

Thanksgiving leftovers and your health

Are you still eating food leftover from Thanksgiving? Might need to go ahead and toss those out. The Mayo Clinic recommends getting rid of leftovers after 4 days in the fridge. They know what they are talking about when it comes to turkey leftover. After all, they have mayo right there in the title.   On a related note, my pastor was talking about leftovers this past Sunday in church. He talked about how people go all out for the Thanksgiving meal. The hours in preparation, the fine china, some people get all dressed up, and the meal is a big ceremony.   But what about when you eat leftovers? It usually involves a paper plate and you're wearing sweatpants. It's the same food, but it doesn't get the same treatment.   It got me thinking. How do you treat your health? Is your health your number one priority or do you treat it like leftovers?   Priority -Find a way to exercise no matter what. -Preparing meals for the week on Saturdays and Sundays -Going for a lifestyle change.   Leftovers -If you have time you will probably exercise. -Too busy at work to eat healthy. -Doing a fad diet or using Shake Weights.   Take a second today and think about where you have placed your health amongst the important things in your life. If you do not make it a priority it will catch up to you one day. Do something today the future you will thank you for.  

Black Friday Specials

Happy Black Friday to you! If you are out amongst the crazy masses, I salute you. Although I am saluting you from my nice cozy home, where the only crazy people I'm surrounded by are family. I have a special on the Inner Circle Special year long membership. If you sign up for the Inner Circle discount program, you can get unlimited classes this month for $1. Then you will get 25% off every month for the rest of the year. This deal is for any camp time and any location.   The 2013 VIBC program is now open! You get 40% off all of 2013 for a one time payment of $1640. That gets you unlimited classes for all times and locations, all of my fitness and nutrition books, and other bonuses throughout the year. I have seen some truly inspirational changes in the people who commit to boot camp for the year. Let that be you this year.   Finally, all of my on-line products are on sale! You can go to the on-line store here---> Joe Martin Fitness Store   Use coupon code TURKEY to get 40% off all of my fitness and nutrition books: -21 Day Belly Blast -21 Day Belly Blast 2.0  -21 Day Tight and Toned Transformation   Post-Thanksgiving is a great time to start the Belly Blast. Detox your body and then put the good stuff back in.   Or if you are looking for some quick workouts you can do around the house with very little equipment, The 21 Day Tight and Toned Transformation comes in handy. Plus it teaches you my secret and effective ab exercise you can do any time and anywhere.   Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Looking forward to helping you finish 2012 strong, so we will be set up to make serious changes in 2013!  

You will have to run a marathon to make up for your Thanksgiving meal

Here's a little fun fact for you. The average Thanksgiving meal is 3,000 calories and 229 grams of fat. That nap you have to take afterwards is your body's version of a medically induced coma. There is some damage repair needed.   Do you think that is an overstatement of what people take in? Check out the picture. Look familiar?   So where does the marathon come in? To run or walk a mile (doesn't matter which, they burn the same amount of calories) burns about 100 calories on flat ground. So to burn those 3,000 calories you have to run the 26.2 miles that make up a marathon. Crazy huh?   You should enjoy the holiday and you don't have to be the person eating leaves and drinking water to stay healthy.   My advice would be: 1. Pick out only the foods that you REALLY like. Have you ever found yourself eating something that isn't that great, but because you got it you continue eating it? Me too. Stick to the things that are seasonal and you don't have a chance to eat that often.   2. Enjoy the company around you while you are eating. Unless you are at the kiddie table still. Don't just shovel your food in and grunt at everybody. Put your fork down between bites, drink plenty of water, actually enjoy your food, and don't rush through the meal.   3. Get some exercise! Play some backyard football, hiking this time of year is beautiful, go for a walk, do a Turkey Trot, volunteer to carry that super heavy post-Thanksgiving trash to the curb.   4. Come to our Thanksgiving Day Boot Camp tomorrow! We have had people burn upwards of 1,000 calories in an hour clas before. Do that 3 times and you're good to go 🙂 Bring the whole family because men, women, and children are welcome to come. It will be from 830-930am at Weatherly Elementary School, all you need is a mat and some water.   I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving. Thank you for reading!

Should women have six pack abs?

  Sounds like a kind of weird question right? Doesn't everyone want that nice looking stomach? It is a great goal to have, but maybe not ideal. A slim waistline is fine, but the six pack look might be taking it too far. To have visible abs like that, women typically need to drop down to 16% body fat or less. That is VERY low and trying to get there can have serious side effects. Many women will overexercise and under eat to try to reach this goal. The combination of too much exercise and not enough caloric intake leads to amenorrhea (absence of a menstrual period). You can not starve yourself into shape! Chronic amenorrhea can lead to infertility, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, and premature aging. Don't sacrifice your health for short term goals. I highly encourage you to exercise as often as you can, but be smart about it. Listen to your body, it's ok to have a rest day! In fact, it is absolutely crucial to have rest days so you can continue to improve. And don't starve yourself. Instead of cutting your calories down to such a dangerous level, concentrate on putting more nutritious food into your body. I promise your body will look and feel much better if you give it the vitamins and nutrients it needs, rather than depriving it of calories.

Holiday Survival Guide (Free Gift)

  It's that time of year gain. Turkeys, family gatherings, family arguments, work parties, snacks everywhere, cocktails parties every other night. It gets a little out of control right?   I put together something for you that will help. I call it your Holiday Survival Guide. Basically a road map to help you navigate through the holidays without the usual holiday pudge that most people pack on.   This is not all "Sit in the corner at the party, quietly eating celery" type advice. I want you to be able to enjoy the holidays, but not regret them. It has strategies, recipes, and workouts that are perfect for this time of year.   I really appreciate you being a reader and I consider it my job to help you reach your goals, whether you are a current client or not.   To pick up your Holiday Survival Guide just send me an e-mail to, I will get you signed up for my newsletter, you will get the guide, and then you get through the holidays unscathed!

My family needs your help


My Aunt Ruth and all her grand babies. This picture always makes me smile.

  The thing about cancer is, it just makes you feel so helpless. If you or anyone you know has gone through it, it is a terrible feeling. My Aunt Ruth (Mimi to the grand kids) has an aggressive form of brain cancer called Stage 4 Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). She underwent chemo and radiation, but we recently found out there is another tumor growing as well. But my Aunt is a trooper son! She is fighting and doing anything she can to beat this thing. One of the biggest problems she is facing now is that she does not have insurance. As you can imagine the treatments are ridiculously expensive. You watch someone go through that and it makes you want to help so bad. I will do anything for my family, anything. As I'm sure you would as well. So what do you do?  I formed The Mimi Kelley Foundation. It is a non profit corporation that raises money for people with brain cancer who do not have insurance. I am asking any of you out there who can donate, PLEASE do so. Doesn't matter how big or small the donation is. There is a link below for you to donate through Paypal. Or if you are in Huntsville, AL you can donate at any Cadence Bank branch. Just make your donations to The Mimi Kelley Foundation.  
Thank you for donating, it means the world to me.

The Truth About Scales

It's one thing if I keep telling you how much the scales don't matter, it's another if a decorated veteran of the weight wars tells you that. So today's post is brought to you by a friend of mine and registered dietician named Tammy Beasley. She is a highly qualified dietician who has also gone through my boot camp, so she feels your pain on burpees. This is her take on scales:   Have you ever asked yourself, "WHY does the scale seem to fluctuate so much? How can I gain 2 or 3 pounds overnight, even if I haven't done anything to justify it? You have discovered how fickle the scales can be. They never really tell the whole story. Did you know that an overcast or stormy day can actually add several pounds to the scale? Low pressure keeps water in your tissues, and since our bodies are mostly water, an overcast day can make us "gain weight"...that is, fluid! Did you know (well, at least most women do!) that hormones can add 2 to 6 pounds over a three to seven day length of time? Anti-inflammatory drugs, like ibuprofen, or steroid type drugs for allergies may cause temporary fluid retention, resulting in temporary weight gain. Even not getting enough sleep may slow down your body's ability to burn carbohydrates, which makes more glucose available for fat storage, and increases the stress hormone cortisol, which stimulates your appetite for rich, high-fat foods. And did you realize that just three shakes of salt, or ½ teaspoon, can add 1 pound of body weight? One gram of sodium can hold onto 16 ounces of water, and that equals a pound. So that dinner at the local Japanese restaurant may explain why your clothes fit tighter the next day-salt!
So try not to obsess about the pounds on that scale. Remind yourself that your body's weight is a combination of water, muscle, bone, fat, and body any change on that scale is not just a reflection of fat alone. About 65% of our body weight comes from water, so most quick body weight fluctuations are a result of water changes only Don't get on the scale more often than once a week. Keep following healthy habits of eating regular meals and snacks, balancing your fuel choices, moving your body. Enjoy how your body feels, the increasing self-confidence you are gaining, the changes you see in your strength and aerobic ability, the way your clothes fit, and the power that comes from taking charge of your wellness and health.   Don't let a single number take that away from you.  Tammy Beasley is the creator of Rev It Up Fitness a program that teaches you to feel confident in yourself and your body again, and live well-strong and balanced-through foundation, food, fluid, and fitness principles.

Why you’re eating 248% more


Let's be honest. The sugar consumption is off the chain right now isn't it? The Halloween candy has go to go!

Do you normally eat this much candy?  I know I don't because I don't keep it in the house. A recent study I just read has some disturbing proof.

They placed a bowl of Hershey's kisses within arm's reach of the subjects. They also tried putting the candy in a clear bowl versus a colored bowl. Not too surprisingly, the ones who ate the most were the subjects who had the clear bowl within an arm's reach of them. What shocked me was just how much more they ate. 248% more!

Halloween candy is a very talented opponent. It's delicious, convenient, there is a ton of it, etc...


Get It Out Of The House. We've talked about it before, will power does not work long term.

With the holidays coming up and all the other high calorie events that come with it, it's time to buckle down. The sweet tooth is my Achilles heel. I know that sounds confusing, but it is. So I am starting a sweets detox today. Feel free to join me and help keep us both accountable. (I will give you Thanksgiving as a free day).

Step one, get the candy out of the house. Step two, don't bring any more sweets into the house. Step three, batten down the hatches and let's do this.

No sweets till Brooklyn!

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