Let's be honest. The sugar consumption is off the chain right now isn't it? The Halloween candy has go to go!

Do you normally eat this much candy?  I know I don't because I don't keep it in the house. A recent study I just read has some disturbing proof.

They placed a bowl of Hershey's kisses within arm's reach of the subjects. They also tried putting the candy in a clear bowl versus a colored bowl. Not too surprisingly, the ones who ate the most were the subjects who had the clear bowl within an arm's reach of them. What shocked me was just how much more they ate. 248% more!

Halloween candy is a very talented opponent. It's delicious, convenient, there is a ton of it, etc...


Get It Out Of The House. We've talked about it before, will power does not work long term.

With the holidays coming up and all the other high calorie events that come with it, it's time to buckle down. The sweet tooth is my Achilles heel. I know that sounds confusing, but it is. So I am starting a sweets detox today. Feel free to join me and help keep us both accountable. (I will give you Thanksgiving as a free day).

Step one, get the candy out of the house. Step two, don't bring any more sweets into the house. Step three, batten down the hatches and let's do this.

No sweets till Brooklyn!