My Aunt Ruth and all her grand babies. This picture always makes me smile.

  The thing about cancer is, it just makes you feel so helpless. If you or anyone you know has gone through it, it is a terrible feeling. My Aunt Ruth (Mimi to the grand kids) has an aggressive form of brain cancer called Stage 4 Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). She underwent chemo and radiation, but we recently found out there is another tumor growing as well. But my Aunt is a trooper son! She is fighting and doing anything she can to beat this thing. One of the biggest problems she is facing now is that she does not have insurance. As you can imagine the treatments are ridiculously expensive. You watch someone go through that and it makes you want to help so bad. I will do anything for my family, anything. As I'm sure you would as well. So what do you do?  I formed The Mimi Kelley Foundation. It is a non profit corporation that raises money for people with brain cancer who do not have insurance. I am asking any of you out there who can donate, PLEASE do so. Doesn't matter how big or small the donation is. There is a link below for you to donate through Paypal. Or if you are in Huntsville, AL you can donate at any Cadence Bank branch. Just make your donations to The Mimi Kelley Foundation.  
Thank you for donating, it means the world to me.